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The Primrose Poltergeist



This is my story. It's long and complicated, but all comes together in the end. It takes place in South Africa in a small town called Primrose under the greater Germiston area. It's not one specific occurrence, but a couple of separate instances that have taken place in one location.

It started when I was around 13 or 14 and we had just moved into a new house. I always seemed to be scared of stairs and, funny enough, it was a double-story house. Shortly after we moved in, an elderly lady from across the road said that she had known one of the previous owners and wanted to have a look around. My mom has always been really friendly and invited her in without any hesitation.

She had a look around and, to our surprise, just before she left us with these words: "I see your visitor has left," and with that she quietly strolled back across the street. My mind went racing after that, but everything I was coming up with, noises and footsteps and whispers, my dad had a reasonable explanation that he could prove and we would brush it off.

(My dad is a medium, his mom was a medium, and the family is very open to it, yet he chooses to ignore it and leaves it alone so as not to expose our family to the dangers it might incur. I trust my dad, and if he has an explanation for something, I believe him without a doubt!)

This is where things start getting weird. We had lived in the house for about three years and could always hear some noise here and a bump there, but the house was old and we kind of just ignored it... until my girlfriend at the time started sleeping over.

As my family was inclined to paranormal activity, so was hers. Our families had always been friends and partially due to when my great gran had passed away, my grandfather became terribly depressed and my girlfriend's gran came to him with a message. From what I've been told, my great gran spoke to my grandfather through my girlfriend's gran and told him everything would be fine and that he needed to let her go and live a happy life with his family. Needless to say, our families have quite a history.

As I was saying, when my girlfriend started sleeping over, things got really weird. My dad would never admit it, but he stopped having explanations for the noises and they kept getting worse.

One night around mid-year in 2009, my girlfriend had been in the shower downstairs and came running out, frantically wrapped in a towel, struggling to breath. She had been washing her hair, and without warning something had whispered her name -- right into her ear, as if it were right next to her, as if it could touch her.

Now, just to paint a picture, the bathroom door opens onto a small passage that runs between my room and my brother's room, the same passage that runs between the lounge and kitchen. The next night when my girlfriend was back home, I kept hearing those same old footsteps, the same ones that had been explained away. I wasn't scared and I got up out of bed and walked to my door. It was late, maybe around 11:00 p.m.

I could see my brother sleeping, and out of nowhere I heard these loud footsteps, as if a person had walked right in front of me. It walked right past me! If it were a person, I would have been able to touch it, but there was just nothing. It was so loud and clear.

I ran as fast as I have ever run in my life through the passage and into the lounge. I tried calling our dog into the lounge, but he wouldn't budge; he would walk up to the passage, but not a step further. He would just put his tail between his legs and whimper and would not pass the passage.

My dad heard me calling the dog and wondered why I was up so late. He came down to see what all the commotion was. I explained everything. I was so scared I was almost in tears.

He told me the house wasn't empty, we weren't alone, but that I shouldn't worry, it's nothing bad, it's just there and it just has to be accepted. Don't pay it any attention and it wont bother us.

The noises calmed down. Small things still happened, more so when my girlfriend was there, but we just dealt with it -- you know, learned to live with the silly things.

The next year around the same time, though, my mom had asked me to get something upstairs. I never used the light as it was a straight set of stairs with a window at the top, and even though it was dark I could clearly see where I was going. I walked up about four stairs, staring at the floor as I was walking.

As I lifted my head, it was just pitch pitch-black and it felt unbearably heavy, as if something was holding me still. It was just this big black shape blocking my way and all my hair stood up. I felt so cold and was so scared that as hard as I tried I couldn't even muster up a scream. No words would come out and I must have been there about five seconds, but it felt like hours.

I finally realized what was happening and I ran. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. Nevertheless, I couldn't control the tears streaming down my face. My dad said he could feel it, but it was gone.

That night, he never got any sleep. He tossed and turned, and around 3:00 in the morning he said he felt this huge cloud of heaviness just lift off the house and everything calmed back down to its usual peacefulness. Being a medium, my dad had no explanation for why the black figure was there. He says it's not the presence that's in the house, but must be an occurrence or something that had been passing through our house. I just happened to be there in the exact time and place that some event must have taken place that brought it back there.

I no longer live in the house. My girlfriend (yes, still the same one) and I are happily engaged to get married and are living together. Without fail, though, around the same time every year things get a bit crazy in my parents' house. I'm just glad I'm not there to accidentally bump into anyone that shouldn't be there anymore.

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