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Restaurant Poltergeist

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Jimmy's World Grill & Bar Poltergeist

Jimmy's World Grill & Bar Poltergeist

Jimmy's World Grill & Bar

Restaurant Poltergeist

This video, taken from a closed circuit TV (CCTV) camera, alleges to show poltergeist activity. When a diner at Jimmy's World Grill & Bar in Luton, U.K. temporarily leaves her place at a table, an unseen force moves a chair, then a napkin, then swipes the plate from the table violently.

Poltergeist or hoax?

This always is the question, or course. The manager of the restaurant is quoted as saying, "The incident was brought to my attention by a customer who was sitting a few tables away and heard a loud crash. When she turned around there was nobody sat at the table, which baffled her. I instantly went over to the table where the incident had taken place to find a broken plate and cutlery on the floor. I didn't think too much of it at the time but when talking to the staff about it a couple of days later they joked about it being a ghost."

It's possible this is genuine, but there are several things that make me suspect a hoax:

  • The incident takes place right in front of the camera, providing a good view.
  • All of the activity are easily accomplished by pulling some wires. (Nothing levitates, for example, which would be a trickier effect.)
  • It feels like a set-up. The objects affected are things that the girl touched or used, I think with the intention of giving the viewer the idea that wires could not be attached to them. But, of course, they could.
  • There are no other diners seen in the immediate vicinity, giving the hoaxers needed space and privacy for their prank.
  • Also note that everything is pulled in the same general direction, where we assume the wire puller is hidden off camera.

So, although poltergeist phenomena is a real and well-documented mystery, my instincts are telling me this is not a genuine example. I could be wrong, so what do YOU think?

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