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Mystics, Prophets and Prophecies

What you need to know about the world's most fascinating prophets, psychics and mystics, and their prophecies and predictions.
  1. Edgar Cayce (10)
  2. Helena Blavatsky (5)
  3. Nostradamus (12)
  4. Ruth Montgomery (3)

Premonitions and Predictions - True Tales
Readers tell of their experiences with premonitions, predictions, prophecies, and prophetic dreams.

Tell about your experiences with a palm reader or storefront psychic
Readers are asked to tell about their experiences with storefront psychics.See submissions

Your Predictions for 2013
Readers provide their predictions for 2014: the good, the bad, and the crazy.

Your Predictions for 2013
Readers provide their predictions for the coming year: the good, the bad, and the crazy.

Psychic Predictions for 2012
Here are some predictions for 2014 from some of the leading psychics, seers, and mentalists from around the world.

Psychic Predictions for 2012
WE ALL LONG to know what's going to happen in the future. We've seen predictions for 2011 from readers , but what do the professionals have to say? Here are some predictions for 2011 from some of the leading psychics, seers and mentalists from around the world.

Premonitions Database
A database in which to document premonitions for verification purposes.See submissions

Reader Predictions

Every year, readers are asked to give their best predictions for the next year. Here are their prophecies. It's fun and interesting to see how well (or how poorly) they did.

Psychic Predictions

EVERY YEAR WE scour the Web for predictions made by many of the world's leading psychics, seers and mentalists. Here are their predictions for past years.

Amazing Predictions
Little-known yet remarkable prophecies by "non-psychic" people, both famous and ordinary, including Mark Twain and Cyrano de Bergerac

The Fatima Prophecies
In May, 2000, the long-awaited "third prophecy" of Fatima was finally revealed by the Vatican. For some, it was a relief and for others an anticlimactic disappointment.

Hitler's Prophet
He was a charismatic stage clairvoyant and mentalist who came to the attention of the Nazi Party during its rise to power in early 1930s Germany. Erik Jan Hanussen might have had genuine psychic gifts, but he might have contributed directly to the early success of Nazi Germany. But in the end, one of his most startling prophecies would lead to his death.

The Incredible Powers of D. D. Home
He could levitate tables - and himself - in full view of witnesses, elongate his body, and hold burning embers in his bare hands. Was he the greatest supernatural medium of his time... or the best magician?

Popes and Prophecy
Being the earthly head of one of the world's largest religions, it's not surprising that the Pope, and previous Popes, have been the subjects of prophecy and even the authors of prophecies.

Presidents and the Paranormal
Several presidents of The United States have had connections to paranormal activity, either as ghosts or through psychic and channeling phenomena, and other mysteries.

Predictions and Prophecies: Your True Tales
True stories from readers.

September 11, 2001: Was It Prophesied?
Were the tragic events of September 11, 2001 foreseen? The answer might surprise you.

Visions of the 9/11 Attack
Readers recount their visions, dreams and premonitions of the September 11, 2001 tragedy.

Visions and Premonitions of the September 11 Attacks
Readers tell of their dreams, visions and premonitions of the September 11, 2001 attacks.See submissions

The WTC Tragedy: Was It Prophesied?
Was the unspeakable horror of September 11 foretold by prophets and psychics? While the best-known names of prophecy seem to have failed, some eerily accurate visions and predictions have come from unexpected sources.

Prophetic Dreams
Prophetic Dreams

The Amazing Kreskin
To his credit, Kreskin doesn't claim to have paranormal powers, but he's always had a great and amazing act. Here's his home page, with facts and games.

Ancient Vedic Predictions and Prophecies
Humans beings have been on planet Earth far longer than we have any record of any written word, this article says. And there are a few ancient writings which give us some idea of past ages.

The Hopi Prophecy
This is an informative review of the book The Truth about the Hopi millennium prophecies and the story of some strange Hopi tablets.

Jeane Dixon on The Antichrist and False Prophet
The late American mystic and prophetess Jeane Dixon, foresaw a young man arising out of Egypt to rule the world in a vision she had February 5, 1962.

The Occult World of CG Jung
How a near-death experience transformed the psychologist's attitude to the world of mysticism and magic.

The Death Owl
Your True Tales of The Death Owl - January 2010

The Oracle of Delphi
Was the prophetic priestess of Delphi inspired by hallucinogenic gases issuing from a fault line? Or was she drawing up serpent power from the subterranean realm of Dionysos? Quite possibly both.

Psychic in the White House
The life and times of Jeane Dixon, America's "national psychic", who advised presidents from FDR to Reagan and predicted the assassination of JFK.

Rudolf Steiner: Dweller on the Threshold
On the 80th anniversary of Rudolf Steiner's death, Fortean Times celebrates the life, work and enduring legacy of one of Western esotericism's most ambitious and unusual thinkers.

Is he merely a clever magician or a genuine psychic and prophet? Go to his website for his side of the story.

Gypsy Curse
Your True Tales of Gypsy Curse - February 2011

The Presence of Death
The Presence of Death - Your True Tales - August 2012

Saw Death Coming
Saw Death Coming - Your True Tales - August 2012

Dream Foretold Unusual Traffic
Dream Foretold Unusual Traffic - Your True Tales - January 2013

Premonitions of Death and Accidents
Premonitions of Death and Accidents - Your True Tales - August 2013

Shocking Mirror Visio
Your True Tales of Shocking Mirror Vision - October 2013

The Butterfly Prophecy

Childhood Death Visions
Your True Tales of Childhood Death Visions - December 2013

Bizarre Movie Déjà Vu
Your True Tales of Bizarre Movie Déjà Vu - February 2014

Shadow Man of the Woody Swamp
Your True Tales of Shadow Man of the Woody Swamp - February 2014

Prophetic Dream of 9/11
Prophetic Dream of 9/11: She foresaw the shattering glass, the chaos, and the horror

Unwanted Visions of Death
Unwanted Visions of Death: Her vivid dreams are something to dread

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