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Your Predictions for 2012


Crystal ball for 2012

A year of hope and turmoil?

Readers share their predictions for the major events that will occur in 2012.

THERE HAS BEEN a lot of speculation - both good and bad, full of hope and fear - regarding the year 2012. While some fear an escalation of world troubles that could result in an apocalypse, others hope that this year will be a turning point for mankind that brings us into a new, more enlightened age. The majority of us, however, assume that 2012 will be pretty much like any other year, bringing its share of both happiness and tragedies.

A few weeks ago, I asked readers to submit their predictions for this year. Here is what you foresee in 2012.



  • The Occupy group will dissolve in the Spring and be replaced by a more focused group insisting on accountability from our elected officials.


  • All human crews and spacecraft that will lift off in 2012 to the International Space Station will return safely to Earth.
  • 2012 will NOT be the end of the world.
  • The activity of the sun will NOT affect majorly human civilization.


  • The world won't end on December 21, 2012, but there will be changes to our planet that will start taking effect then.


  • Hollywood will once again make GOOD movies, not poor remakes of movies with insubstantial storylines.


  • The U.S. sees Social Security tax cut extended.
  • People generally begin to feel more optimistic about the future. That will bring with it a lot of travel, and continued robust retail sales. Prices will inevitably rise.
  • In July, the Federal Open Market Committee will hint at normalizing rates and money supply after a very robust economy the first half of the year.
  • Unemployment dips below 8% in the U.S. by September.



  • Iran will attack our Navy ship in the Isle of Thermus.
  • There will be a major terrorist attack on our [U.S.] soil (theatre, mega-store, mall, stadium). This will involve planned attacks at the same day and same time. The terrorists will carry backpacks into these places and drop them off at the door.
  • It will be a very active hurricane season; at least one major category storm of devastation.


  • The Earth is changing. More tidal waves, more superstorms, and an earthquake on the East Coast of the U.S.


  • There will be an attempt to assassinate President Barak Obama around the time of his re-election. It is not clear if it will be successful or not.


  • Another large (7.8 or greater) earthquake hits Japan in early March.


  • There will be a major cyber attack among nations causing a system disruption that affects a significant portion of the populous, resulting in a high degree of tension among the countries.


  • A cold war between Iran and America.


  • A volcano erupting in Alaska changes the climate in the United States even more.
  • The pollution from the Japanese quake is going to cause ocean problems with wildlife there.


  • The middle class will become non-existent.
  • Facts about how corrupt the U.S. government is will emerge.
  • There will be an outbreak of some form of virus, which will be man-made, that mutates and spreads rapidly across only one section of the U.S.

Tim Day:

  • Russia, North Korea, the Middle East and Mexico form an alliance and will start a war with the USA.


  • Iran gets hit hard this year. I foresee this as inevitable. I can't say that this will be anywhere near as traumatic as Iraq, but there will be some big changes. Already Iran's economy is hurting because of sanctions levied upon them over Iran's nuclear ambitions. That program is about to be put to rest.
  • There is a big explosion / fire (chemicals or accelerant type of fluids involved)in New Jersey in the Spring.
  • A popular shopping mall... an outlet has a big fire.
  • The state of Florida will be seeing wildfires.
  • Terrorist bomb rocks Chechnya or Georgia (a nation or nations that were once a part of the Soviet Union). Moscow sees trouble, too.
  • A standoff/confrontation of sorts with North and South Korea is a temporary annoyance to markets.
  • Trouble near the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. in May. Security needs to keep an extra eye out during this month. (Just a prediction, Feds, just a harmless prediction).
  • It's learned that a woman alone with her child who shoots an intruder actually knew the man she kills as the truth comes out.

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