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Your Predictions for 2013


Crystal ball for 2013

Crystal ball for 2013

Stephen Wagner

Readers provide their predictions for the coming year: the good, the bad, and the crazy

HOW ACCURATE IS your psychic ability, your foresight these days? I guess we'll find out because we've asked readers to provide their predictions for what will happen in 2013. As in past years, most of the predictions focused on the bad stuff -- the wars and conflicts, the severe weather, the natural disasters, and a still faltering world economy. But there are also some brighter outlooks for mankind, some interesting scientific discoveries, and even predictions for what might happen in the realm of the paranormal.


  • A dark haired, dark skinned boy found alive with dogs! - frecklesoup
  • A missing blonde haired girl found alive in dog pound or rabbit farm. - peaceclub04
  • A new "think positive" trend will sweep the world globally, and people will compete to see who can perform the kindest deed to random strangers. - Khrysa
  • Corporal punishment ends/becomes an issue in a USA state. - peaceclub04
  • People will observe the severe and wild weather patterns and become aware that they need to change their relationship with the earth to a more harmonious and sustainable one - and this is truly wonderful! - Jo Nadj
  • Prices rise, central banks continue easy money policy, USA economy continues gradual improvement. - peaceclub04
  • Reduce unemployment to 5%. The economic situation recovers. - wisigothic78
  • Russia is going to project a new mage in 2013, probably an invitation to the world to come and see historical Russia. The emphasis will be on opening up the old isolationist idea of all foreigners being a spy. In the end the foreigners find that people are really just people no matter where you go in the world. - bull874
  • The energies love President Obama and call him a true and enlightened humanitarian who focuses on what he can do for health, education, equality and the benefit of his people, but he will have heart problems... not sure if angina, but clear about this. - Jo Nadj
  • The recent shootings in the northeast will stimulate greater efforts at gun control. - Jim T.
  • The U.S. will finally introduce gun control laws on a par with almost every other country in the developed world. - Brian
  • There will be a shift of people feeling that Mother Earth is not happy and a shift to greater focus on home grown, using less resources, and a general simplifying of the way they live their lives, which is wonderful. Amsterdam will be a great example. - Jo Nadj



  • Banks will fail in the Euro zone at record rate. Riots will take place as unemployment goes to highest levels in years. France will decide not to use the Euro after 2013. - BigSammy
  • China and Japan will go into a trade war. This will cost Japan many jobs and unemployment will rise. - BigSammy
  • China's economy will slow. - Jim T.
  • Developing civil strife in the USA and a time when a wheelbarrow of money will be worth nothing, reminiscent of the Weimer Republic in Germany after WWI (this will take more than 1 year). - Jo Nadj
  • The price of oil will go up. - Jim T.
  • The U.S. dollar will fall vs. the Euro. - Jim T.
  • The U.S. will fall into a deep recession and by year's end will become another Great Depression. -DR_FRAWIN


  • Just when you think partisanship in Washington can't get more polarized, it will. - Howard
  • Not since the Kennedy presidency has so much anger been pointed at the White House. Serious changes will be attempted. - Jim T.
  • Russia will veto a measure the US wants to push through the UN Security Council. - Howard
  • There will be a second and very long overdue American revolution. The people vs. the government. - Renrt2000


  • An instance of severe weather will be blamed on climate change. - Howard
  • Danger in some universities attempted infiltration of new age cults killer? - wisigothic78
  • Iran will hurl threats and insults at Israel. Israel will hurl threats and insults at Iran. - Howard
  • Israel will attack Iran and fail, and will suffer many casualties as Iran strikes back. The US will outrage the world as it does nothing at first, then bring peace after thousands die. - BigSammy
  • North Korea will threaten South Korea and the US with war. - Howard
  • Russia will actually become a real threat of war again. - frecklesoup
  • The start of 2013 will have a shocking start with the announcement of a terrorist poison attack on the Queen of England succeeding. - Iseeghosts
  • There will be increased unrest in the Middle East, leading to war between Israel and Egypt. - Zelethra
  • Turkey will be involved in a war, Germany will send troops and restore calm, then be accused of trying to control the country. - BigSammy
  • Widespread violence will erupt when a total ban on firearms is enacted -- will lead to Martial Law being declared. - DR_FRAWIN

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