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Saw Death Coming



I have always had paranormal experiences, visions, and dreams that have come true. Just as I returned to college in January of 2004 in Hampton, Virginia, I totally convinced my friends that the stories I had been sharing with them were true.

I had joined the NROTC that semester and so I can remember what day it was that this bizarre event occurred because I wore my uniform the same day every week.

On one Thursday in January, I came to meet up with my friends in the cafeteria for dinner. I came into the cafeteria, grabbed myself some food, and joined them at the table. I barely had gotten started with my meal when something told me to look up at the ceiling. As I looked up, I saw a black shadow float across it. After I saw that, I looked at my friends, stunned, afraid, and sure of what just happened.

I told them, "Someone is gonna die!" They all stopped eating and looked at me perplexed. I then told them how I saw the black shadow and it meant that death was here. I said that I didn't know who, how, or when this was going to happen, I just know someone was gonna die.

I felt like a safe place for me to go to was the always unlocked chapel on campus. I just needed to feel the comfort of a sanctuary. I left the table and headed for the chapel.

As I came to it and walked up the stairs, I pulled on the handles and it was locked! This made me feel uncomfortable, like I wasn't supposed to feel comfort in that bizarre moment. I then immediately left and went to my dorm room.

Skipping forward to Saturday night, the first snow fell, and like clockwork a bunch of students, including my roommate, went out to enjoy it and have snowball fights. When my roommate returned, she said a girl was playing in the snow with some guys and she had fallen and hit her head and had to be taken to the emergency room. That night all I could dream about was a skull with blood running down it.

The next morning, our dorm director held a meeting and explained to us that the young lady, a freshman, and only child from California had died from her head injury! I was extremely upset! I had predicted that someone was going to die; unfortunately, I didn't know who, when, and how.

I felt guilty that there was nothing that I could have done. My friends were astonished that what I had seen in the cafeteria had come to light. They consoled me and let me know it wasn't anything I could have done. To this day, I still think about this story and wonder if the young lady was in the cafeteria on that Thursday, if there was anything that she had saw or felt, but I guess we will never know.

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