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Vision Saved Friend's Life



I was born and raised in the city of Nijmegen in The Netherlands. When I was about eight or nine years of age, I still lived with my family in our old house. I used to play outside a lot with friends.

This one day we were playing on the corner of the street where the old supermarket stood. I say "stood" because the supermarket I am reffering to was in a wooden structure and was torn down because the owners had bought themselves a new building a couple of hundred meters away in a neighbourhood that was then being built new.

On the corner where we were was a T-shaped road with one arm of it going into the neighbourhood. While I was standing there, I saw in my mind's eye that a white car would come driving toward the arm going into the neighbourhood, but then it would loose control, spin out, and hit my friend after crashing into a little power transformer.

After this "vision" was gone, I told my friends what I had just seen. They laughed at me saying that no one could see the future.

But then the strangest thing happened: A red car (not white, as in the vision), came driving toward us, wanting to take the arm in the road, when it spun out of control, hit the transformator, and almost hit my friend. If it wouldn't have been for the fact that I yanked his arm to get him out of harm's way....

The transformator was completely demolished, as was the car, but my friend and the driver were unharmed. My friends looked as if they had seen a ghost!

In the years after that, I often wondered how it coud have been that I had that vision. I did always have some sort of gut feeling when something would go wrong, but I never had a real vision, not before and not after this encounter with the paranormal.

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