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Telepathy with Animals


Animal communicators - specialized type of psychics - believe that meaningful telepathic communication is possible with your pet. They say even you can do it.

"I broke my ankle in five places," writes the unnamed author at Interspecies Telepathic Communication "I was lying in bed in a great amount of pain when I heard, 'I know we come from different cultures, and maybe you don't think I can help you, but if you just pet me, I will take away your pain.' I heard these words in my head as clearly as someone speaking to me. I opened my eyes to find my angel cat Kisa on my pillow and looking right at me. I knew it was her. I did pet her and my pain did go away! I slept comfortably for the first time since the accident."

The author is a self-professed "animal communicator," one of a growing number of people who say they have the psychic ability to communicate telepathically with various animals. "Anybody can communicate with animals," the author claims, and says it's done through imaging. "Animals communicate in pictures, feelings, emotions, and concepts. Sometimes you get a picture of what the animal is trying to communicate, but many times it is an emotion or concept that you pick up."


"The animal doesn't actually open its mouth with words flowing out verbally," say the animal communicators at The Fur People, "but animals do amazingly communicate non-verbally. Many times I receive information in words; or feelings in my body; or pictures and symbols which the animal gives me through telepathy."

Telepathy between people and animals is not much different than telepathy between two people, according to Raphaela Pope. "The dictionary defines telepathy as 'communication of impressions of any kind from one mind to another independent of recognized channels of sense,'" writes Pope at her What is Telepathic Communication with Animals website. "My experience is that telepathy is the universal language of the animal kingdom. I believe that humans are actually born with telepathic ability, but tend to suppress or forget it when they learn spoken language. Telepathic communication assumes that animals are sentient beings with their own purposes, desires, choices, and manner of looking at the world."

Webster's defines sentient as "responsive to or conscious of sense impressions," and by that definition it would have to be agreed that most animals are sentient beings. And certainly many have desires and make choices. But can they communicate those desires and choices? Surely, a dog can communicate that it wants to go outside by standing by the door and scratching at it or barking.

And incredible discoveries have been made about the minds and communicative abilities of some higher primates, most notably Koko, a gorilla who was taught American sign language and now has a vocabulary of more than 600 words. "Talking" to her caretakers through sign language and a special Macintosh computer, Koko is able to articulate not only such basic desires as what and when she wants to eat, but how also how she "feels" about many things in her life.

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