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House Fire Premonition



It was the summer of 1990 and I was in my early 20s, still living at home with my parents and working in a salon as a hair stylist.

On this particular day, I was scheduled to work second shift at the salon. It was around 10 a.m. and I started to feel a little drowsy. I had been sitting in my family room watching TV. I was on a couch that had a huge picture window behind it, and it over looked the neighbors home across the street.

I lay my head down on the back of the couch and I stared at the house across the street. I nodded off and that's when I saw my neighbor's home. In front of the attached garage I saw a metal garbage can that was sitting half way in the garage and half way out of the garage.

The next thing I saw was a burst of flames shoot up out of the garbage can. In the dream the flames started leaping higher and higher. I grabbed the phone and dialed for emergency help. But as the lady on the other line answered, she said, "Thank you for calling John Doe Salon [changed name]. How may I help you?"

I hung up and redialed and the same lady answered and said again thanks for calling the salon. In the dream I became frustrated and yelled out, "Someone stop the fire!" The next thing I saw was the whole house now engulfed in flames.

I then woke up. I jumped up off the couch and kept staring at the house across the street. Everything was normal and there was no garbage can half way in or out of the garage like the dream showed. I then just shook it off as a weird dream.

About a week later, I was driving home from the salon and I saw flashing lights and cars parked all down the main road. There were police directing cars away from the entrance to my subdivision. I parked with the rest of the cars on the main road and started to walk home.

As I got closer to my home, I saw what all the commotion was about. There was a house on fire. It wasn't the house I saw in my dream, but the house directly behind that house.

I later learned that the home started on fire due to the owners improperly storing several pool chemicals together in a metal garbage can in their garage. The home was a total loss because the Fire Dept. could not truck the water in fast enough due to the subdivision having only one entrance and one exit and no fire hydrants in this suburban area.

This really rattled me. There was no way this was a mere coincidence. It happened exactly the way I saw it days earlier. I think about this event from time to time and wonder if the future is already mapped out for us? Can we changed the future and what's in store for us?

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