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Mother-Daughter ESP



I just read a story about a person who hears their mom's thoughts and it gave me chills! I have had this happen with my own mother, even from thousands of miles away, and now my daughter does this with me!

We live in Newnan, Georgia, and between 2007 and now (June, 2012), this has happened numerous times. The first time it happened we were busy doing some major cleaning to get ready for a party. My daughter was downstairs in her room. I found some of her things in the upstairs bathroom that needed to be taken to her bedroom. I was trying to decide if I should just take the stuff down myself or try to yell for her to come get it.

I kinda yelled her name in my head for no reason. She usually can't hear me from downstairs, so I scooped up her stuff and was going to take it down when she walked into the doorway and said, "Yes ma'm?"

I stopped dead and said, "I didn't call you."

She thought I was messing with her, so she kinda laughed and said, "Yes, you did. I was cleaning my room and you just yelled for me." I explained that I had been thinking about calling her up to get her stuff, but hadn't actually spoken aloud. We were both confused. However, I know I never spoke aloud. She passed it off as maybe I was just really busy and yelled her name subconsciously. I agreed, but was really puzzled.

Moving on, a few months later it happened again. This time she was outside with her brothers and I needed her to gather her dirty clothes for me to wash. I didn't want to have to go all the way upstairs and out of the house as I was really tired that day. Just a minute or two after I thought her name, I heard her enter the front door and call my name. I yelled that I was in her room and when I came up the stairs halfway I said, "I was just about to come get you."

She just stared at me and said, "You just called me. That's why I came in." I was dumbfounded. Even if I had called her, which I did not, she could not have heard me from outside in our backyard where she was. This time she believed me and we joked around about having some sort of mother-daughter ESP. I related the story to my husband, and he laughed and said we were crazy.

A few months after that I was in my room with my husband and we were going through the toys that we had already bought for the kids for Christmas. I wanted my daughter to help wrap her brother's gifts as she always enjoyed doing it. I told my husband I was going to get her to help me, but I didn't use her name. I had jokingly called her "the girl," since she is our only daughter.

She was not in the house at the time. My husband said he would go get her, but as he started into the hallway we heard the front door open, heard her come across the hardwood floor and towards the center of the room. As my husband was in our doorway, she turned towards my room as she said, "Yea?" She saw my husband, so she came to the bottom of the stairs facing the hall and said, "Daddy, where's mommy?"

He said, "She's right here. I was about to come get you."

She said, "Sorry. I was in the back yard when she called. I was trying to get up to the house."

My husband looked really confused and said, "She didn't call you. I was gonna come get you." She insisted that she had heard me call her name and she and I just started giggling.

We were both glad that someone else had witnessed her hearing my thoughts, and I now had my proof that I wasn't going crazy. I think it's the neatest thing, especially since the same thing happened to me with my mother. Now if only I could do it on purpose! She would never be late or forget to call home from a friend's house again!

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