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Mysterious Family Dream



When I was two or three in 1998-99, while living in Indianapolis, Indiana, I vividly remember having a sort of waking dream as I was lying in bed about to fall asleep.

I would see a little girl in a pink dress and blonde curly hair - very stout, kind of chubby - almost looked like a little doll. She would be walking around a giant metal warehouse, filled with pillars that would bang on the ground very loudly. Only it wasn't just loud - it was unbelievably loud. So loud it was almost quiet. When the girl would walk, there would be a very light tinkling noise, like little bells - it was so quiet, it was almost loud.

Every night, the quiet and loud would wake me up before I could get to sleep. I never told anyone about this dream until I was about 13 or 14. When I told my mother and my sisters, it was in a sort of joking manner.

But then my sisters told me that they had the same dream when they were younger, only with slight variations, and that it was a recurring thing for them, too, but had ceased as they grew older.

I don't know what these dreams mean or why we all shared them. It has always been a strange, unexplained phenomenon in my family, never with any sort of explanation. I'm hoping that someone here can perhaps enlighten me as to what these shared dreams could possibly mean. I would much appreciate it.

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