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Psychic Connection from the Future



Is it possible that an imaginary person seen at nights many years earlier turns out to be true many years later?

About 17 years ago, I used to sleep in a room that was full of light coming from the street lights just outside my house in Karnataka, South India. Around midnight, I used to see a beautiful girl in bridal costume in my room continuously for four or five nights, and she'd to talk to me standing near my bed. After that, she'd leave the room.

I didn't know where she came from or where she went. I never got scared at her sight, nor did I try to run away from her. She would just talk to me for some time, and after that she would just go away. Every night at a fixed hour she would appear. I would open my eyes as if I knew that she was already there in the same bridal costume, always standing near my bed.

She did not seem to be a happy girl. On the fifth night, she sat on my bed near my feet and talked to me for quite a long time. After some time I just closed my eyes, saying it can't be real and it's just a bad dream. The very next moment when I opened my eyes to look for her, to ask her who she was, why she comes daily at that hour and in the bridal costume, she was gone. And after that night she never came back.

Now years later in Chandigarh, North India, I have come across an equally beautiful girl who has a broken marriage, as she is not happy with her married life. She is seeking a divorce. Could there be any connection between these two girls? Could have I seen such a girl years before I actually met her?

I was neither related to the first girl nor related to this present day girl in any way. The first girl just visited me at a fixed time at night and I had never come across any girl resembling her, in my life earlier. This present day girl was our tenant for a few months.

I somehow feel that this was the girl who came to me years ago with some problems. There is a resemblance in both the faces. Also, both girls discussed their problems with me frankly. In other words, both girls trusted me so much that they shared their thoughts and experiences with me, as if we knew each other very well.

The first girl appeared in a bridal dress, but always appeared very unhappy, and now 16 or 17 years later this real girl who is married but who has a terrible married life. Could it not be possible to relate these two incidents? This girl is a Cancerian and they are known to use telepathy also.

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