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Foresaw the Airship



I know this story will sound strange, but it fits right in with all these other stories people send in. I'm an artist, and one day in 1988 when I lived in the town of San Joaquin, California, I drove out into the back country roads looking for a spot to do some sketching.

I found a location that was perfect. I started sketching the mountains in the distance. It was a pleasant day, not too hot and the sky was a clear blue. I was really getting into my drawing; it was becoming something special.

I was almost finished when an idea popped into my head. I've always been into the strange or unusual, so I decided to draw an airship in the sky. The airship was just what my picture needed. After I finished, I was ready to go back home and work on it some more.

As I was getting ready to get in my car I noticed a pickup in the distance coming toward me on the dirt road I was parked on. As it drove past me, I waved to the driver and turned my head away from all the dust it picked up. As the dust cleared away, I looked in the direction of the scene I drew and saw what appeared at first to be an airplane, but it was hovering... it was motionless.

I took a good look at it and was shocked! It looked almost like the airship I drew! It was disk shaped with a flat bottom, fins in the back, dark looking and with a canopy made out of glass. It was almost identical to my illustration, except my canopy was not made of glass.

I stood there looking at this thing for several minutes. It was the size of a house and hundreds of feet off the ground. It didn't make any noise. Then it started moving toward the west and started to climb. I began sketching it before it was gone when suddenly this object turned completely upside down! It quickly flew away in that position until I couldn't see it anymore.

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