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Mother's Second Sight



The story I am about to relate happened to my mother in the fall of 1977, when she was 23 years old, in a suburban area of San Diego, California.

She was coming back home from a party late at night with her then-boyfriend. Her boyfriend was driving, with my mother in the passenger seat, and they were talking nonchalantly about nothing much.

Suddenly, my mother saw a huge black dog run out into the road, just in front of the car, and felt the car jerk as it hit the dog. She screamed, and began saying, "Stop! Stop! Didn't you see that dog? You just ran it over!"

Her boyfriend, looking totally confused, just glanced over at her and said, "What dog? I didn't hit anything. What are you talking about?"

They stopped the car and looked back, and sure enough, there was no dog anywhere in sight. Though a bit puzzled over this, they continued driving -- and about two minutes later, a big black dog ran out into the road in front of the car and was hit!

The following year (again sometime in the fall, and still in San Diego), my mother and her boyfriend were again driving back home from a party, though this time they had a friend with them in the back seat (his name was Philip). Everything was normal, but then, when they were almost home, my mother suddenly said, "Watch out for police up ahead. There's going to be a lot of police."

Philip laughed and said, "How do you know? That's stupid."

Her boyfriend, remembering the incident with the dog, said, "If she says there's going to be police, it's true." My mother herself didn't know why she was so sure about this, but she was overcome with a feeling of certainty. Philip continued to scoff for the next five or so minutes -- until they made it all the way home.

There, all up and down the street where they lived, were about 15 cop cars and seemingly countless policemen. There had been a bad car accident just a short time before, not nearly long enough for it to have been on the news or for my mother to have heard about it any other way.

Over the years, my mother has continued to have various instances of premonitions and second sight. It sort of runs in the family (my sister and I both have it to some extent, as does my grandfather), but my mother is definitely one of the most gifted.

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