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Premonition of a Horse That Didn't Win



I awoke one night with a strange name in my mind. That name was Buz Kashi. At that time I used to enjoy a flutter on the horses, and although I had never heard this name before I thought it could be the name of a horse.

Over the next few days, I checked the runners in the paper and to my surprise I saw this horse -- Buz Kashi -- running at Royal Ascot in the Coronation Stakes. This was in 1979.

I told my boss about what I had experienced and she asked if I was going to back it. I said I was and she asked me to put £2.50 each way for her. She allowed me to go to the bookmakers to place the bet and I put £2.50 each way myself.

I stayed and listened to the race, and right up to the last furlong Buz Kashi's name had not been mentioned, but suddenly she started making rapid headway and eventually won by about half a length.

I waited around for about 7-8 minutes, and as there did not appear to be any problems, I went to the payout and received my winnings. I then left.

On my way home I went back into the bookmakers and was told by someone I knew that Buz Kashi had been disqualified and placed last after a steward's enquiry. I looked up at the results and saw that she had indeed been disqualified. I smiled and told the person that had already been paid out. Although winnings are not supposed to be paid out until after the "weigh-in", this is at the bookmakers discretion and as it appeared that there was not going to be a steward's enquiry or objection because if this is going to happen it is normally announced with a couple of minutes of the race ending.

The strangest thing about this tale is that I woke up with the name Buz Kashi in my mind, a name I had never heard, found it was a horse running in a race, backed it, the horse won, I was paid out and subsequently the horse was disqualified. So I actually foresaw a horse, backed it, watched it win the race, got paid out, but it did not actually win the race due to it being disqualified. Strange or what?

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