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Vision of Girl's Suicide



I was 17, I can't remember the month, but it had just started getting cold, so I suppose it was October or November. It happened in Queens, New York.

I would regularly take a nap after getting home from school, and on this particular day I had a nightmare that a girl jumped out of a window in a bid to commit suicide. And as she landed on the ground I ran over to her, but her face was blurry. All I saw was blonde hair.

When I awoke from my nightmare, I was very disturbed. I had a surreal feeling. I decided to tell my aunt about the nightmare because in my country you're supposed to tell of your nightmare as soon as you wake up so that it will not happen.

As I was telling her my dream, the phone rang. It was my cousin, and she had bad news to tell me. A cousin of a mutual friend of ours had just committed suicide by jumping out her apartment window. I did not directly know this girl, but I had heard she was blonde and pretty.

As my cousin told me the story, I starting shaking and crying because I realized that I was having the dream probably just as it was happening. My aunt gave me a glass of water. She put it on the counter and as soon as I picked it up, the bottom of the glass broke off and shattered everywhere. My aunt and I were both terrified at what just happened.

Though we didn't understand what the correlation was between the suicide and the glass breaking, I surmised and still to this day surmise, that it was some sort of psychic energy flowing from me through the glass that broke it.

I have had several incidences that have been similar. For example, my car got towed the night before I went on vacation this past January, and no one could tell me where it was. I was so upset and so stressed at the thought of not being able to go on vacation and not finding my car. I went outside to give my report to two cops, and when I came back inside, I touched my TV and a second later it short-circuited and never worked again. I then walked over to turn on my lamp, and the bulb blew out. It was a new lamp with a new bulb. Strange.

The next morning I went to get a pedicure before our flight, and when I went to dry my toes, the dryer wasn't working. Every dryer they sat me in did not work, but it worked when other people sat down. So I just let them air dry.

As crazy as it sounds, I did not want to get on the plane in a stressed out state of mind because I was scared something would happen to the plane. Luckily, I got my car back the night before and my new lamp worked once I put a new bulb in it. The TV was a different story. It is garbage now.

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