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Psychic Experiences with Animals - True Stories


Readers tell of their experiences with psychic phenomena and animals.

1. Conversation with a Cat

"Out of nowhere, a small gray cat came and sat beside. Then I asked it a question just for rhetorical purposes, and to my shocking amazement, it answered me – in clear English!"

2. Dog Sensed the Spirit

"The room got very cold and the dog's ears pricked up. I felt a cold draft as (so it seemed) something passed by the couch...."

3. Garfield's Grave Marker

"There was a rock with concrete on it and the words "Garfield - Best cat ever" scratched into it...."

4. Her Cat Talks, Too

"My mother's cat, a beautiful jellicle cat, talks to us now and then. He doesn't engage in conversation and doesn't speak just because he gets bored, he only speaks when he urgently wants attention...."

5. More Talking Cats

"I've experienced talking cats repeatedly. Actually, I live with two of them, but the first encounter was in Alabama when I was 14...."

6. The Talking Cat

"I heard this weird sounding voice that said, "I love you. Let me in." It was very quite in the house, so I heard it clearly, and I was like, What was that?..."

7. The Talking Cat of Ingleside District

"Then I heard the strangest thing in my entire life; for while the cat sat there like an Egyptian statue it began to "speak" in a strange and scary cat voice, and each and every word was clearly enunciated: 'Gooooooo awaaaaaaay.' And again 'Gooooooo awaaaaaaay.'..."

8. Telepathic Cat

"Suddenly, I felt a weight on my chest, opened my eyes, and looked into Impy's large yellow green eyes...."

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