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Reincarnation and Past Lives

Stories, theories and evidence for reincarnation, including past lives.

The Past Lives of Children
As soon as they learn to speak, some children are able to tell remarkably detailed stories of people, places and events in what might be their past lives

Reincarnation: Best Evidence
The idea that we have lived before, and after this lifetime will live again is fascinating and compelling. We want to believe that there is a continuity to our existence, our souls. But is there good evidence for reincarnation? Dedicated researchers say yes.

Past Lives Database
A database in which to document premonitions for verification purposes.See submissionsSee submissions

Reincarnation - What do you think of the evidence for reincarnation?
Readers are asked to voice their opinion on the evidence for reincarnation.

The Mystery of Past Life Recall
Under hypnosis, numerous people recall the details of previous lives, even to the point of taking on the personalities of their former selves - and speaking in foreign languages!

Many More Past Lives Recalled
Many readers responded to last week's article on past life recall with their own "memories" of other lives in other places, more real than dreams and as profound as their current existence.

Reincarnation and Past Lives - True Tales
Readers' true stories of reincarnation and past lives.

Mystery of Reincarnation
A review of the book "Mystery of Reincarnation: The Evidence & Analysis of Rebirth" by J. Allan Danelek

Reincarnation: Your True Tales
True stories from readers.

The Tragedy of Mary Gells
As a child, HRM had spontaneous recollections of a friend named Mary Gells, whose family met with tragedy decades ago. Were these memories of a past life... or something else? This is HRM's story.

Book Review: The Afterlife Experiments
Has science finally proved, through rigorous experiments, that human consciousness survives death? If you're not convinced of life after death, this fascinating book just might change your mind.

Soul Survivor
The remarkable case of a young boy who "remembers" his past life as a World War II fighter pilot - one of the most compelling cases for reincarnation on record.

9 Signs of Your Past Life
Have you lived before? Here are nine clues in your current life that might reveal what your past lives were.

All About Reincarnation: Facts and Myths
Answers several interesting questions regarding reincarnation, mostly concerning the Bible's views of it.

Child's Nightmares and Memories Prove Reincarnation
Video: It is being called the most documented case of reincarnation ever. A little boy is able to recall over 50 memories from someone else's life. A World War II Pilot's family believes it is their reincarnated brother based on the child's memories.

Cryptomnesia has been cited by skeptics as an explanation for cases of past life recall. This article says the skeptics are in error, and explains why.

Jungian Analyst and Reincarnation
Connects reflections by Carl Jung on the possible role of past lives in the dreams of his young patients and in his own sense of life purpose and tasks to be done.

The Mechanism of Reincarnation
With his "Big Tube" theory, Dirk Laureyssens believes he has figured out how reincarnation works by the mechanism of "pelastration." He provides diagrams and even a 3-D model to prove it.

Past Life Memory
More and more people are giving at least some thought to the potential credibility of the notion that they may have lived before.

Past Life Regression
This site offers stories from its readers of what they suspect might be memories of past lives.

The Quantum Theory of Reincarnation
Roger Ebert -- yes, the film critic -- explains how reincarnation is possible from a scientific, rationalist point of view, thanks to quantum particles.

Profound Déjà Vu
Profound Déjà Vu - Your True Tales - July 2013

Past Life as a WWII Marine
Past Life as a WWII Marine - Your True Tales - September 2012

Sensitive Girl
Sensitive Girl - December 2010

I Am the Reincarnation of Yukiko Okada

I Am the Reincarnation of Yukiko Okada

Many More Past Lives Recalled
Readers relate with their own memories of past lives in other places, more real than dreams and as profound as their current existence.

Past Life Research: For Exploration and Healing

Past Life in a WWII Concentration Camp
Emma has vivid, disturbing memories of the Nazis and holocaust.

Pre-Birth Memories
an you remember your existence before you were born? We’re not referring to past lives here, but the moments in time just before you were born into your present life. If we are essentially spirit or consciousness, does that consciousness have an existence before we are born, in the same way that it might have an existence after death? If so, is it possible to actually have a memory of that pre-birth existence? Here are several such memories reported by readers.

Reader Reports: Past Life Visions and Dreams
In these reader reports, Cynthia and Jason tell of very detailed visions and dreams of experiences they never had and places they've never been to in this lifetime. Are these glimpses of past lives?

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