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Past Life as a WWII Marine



This is about a dream I had when I was very young. I am 32 now, and I had this dream around the age of 5 or so around 1984. I mention that because back then we did not have the TV shows like we do now that are so graphic, so it could not just have been me remembering something in my sleep.

Basically, I had a dream about my past life as a Marine in WWII. Now this was many years ago I had this dream, so I don't remember all of it. But I remember being on a patrol. My platoon was walking down a dirty road with thick jungle on either side of it. I saw all the gear the men in front of me had on, the steel helmets, web belts with canteens, ammo pouches, the whole get up.

Then, explosions. Explosions were happening all around us. And I knew at the young age I was having this dream, they were mortar rounds. They had the road zeroed in and they were pouring it on us. First, I dropped to the ground, but was a sitting duck. I ran for the tree line, but I had a hard time getting past the thick foliage and was stuck in the open.

However, this was not what killed me. Later, maybe that same day or days later, I really don't know, I was in a firefight. I remember firing my rifle as I was prone on a mud pile. There were trees with vines growing up them around me. I remember the other Marines were along side of me firing away.

I took out a rifle grenade and loaded it on the end of my rifle. I aimed it over my mud pile, and a mishap. It blew up in my face. That is what did me in. Not the enemy, but a malfunction.

I believe I was a Marine because all my life I wanted to be a Marine and I joined and served. Maybe this was just a dream, but it was the detail and the fact that all these years later that makes me think I saw who I was before.

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