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Eternal Standoff with Demons



This story took place over the summer of 2012, in late June or early July. In the few months since it has happened, I have lost contact with the girl I experienced this with. We used to be the best friends you'd ever meet. We had somewhat of a codependent relationship, though, because each of us is "blessed" with the ability to see and communicate with things other people can't, and each of us relied heavily on the other to feel sane most of the time. We'll call my friend Reba. She would be upset if she ran across this and I had submitted her name online.

This specific incident started innocently enough at her house. We live in Kentucky, near Fort Knox and about an hour away from Louisville, if you follow the speed limits. We were hanging out in her bedroom, talking through a story she had been starting. My friend had been going to school to be a graphic designer, but she was thinking of dropping out and becoming a graphic novelist, instead. I stayed behind when my classmates went to college because it wasn't for me.

Reba's mom was asleep in her room, seeing as we regularly stayed up until well past the godforsaken hours of the early morning and slept all day long. Reba finally decided it was time for bed, and she laid down and I stayed up for a little longer thinking about a few things.

In the reflection of the posters above her bed, though, I could see something moving. Thinking it was one of the same critters that always came around, I didn't pay it too much attention. Soon, though, it grew tired of me ignoring it and moved around into my line of sight -- to the end of the bed and staring directly at us. I was slightly uneasy -- it gave me a bad feeling -- but I managed to fall asleep eventually.

When we woke up in the morning to head to the house next door, Reba asked me why I had awakened the previous night. I told her I hadn't. She insisted, though, that I had. She told me that I woke her up by bolting upright in the bed and holding both hands to my head and screaming in pain. I couldn't remember it, though.

We brushed it off, for the most part, and the next night, the same thing was hanging around again. He's a male, as far as I can tell. He's mostly humanoid, but also lacking any of the finer features of a human body. He has spindly arms and legs, smooth white skin, and a bit of a cruel gash across his face for a mouth. He has no hair, no real defined face, and doesn't wear anything in the way of clothes. I'm pretty sure that the thing he had on his head may have been a type of head-dress, though. It was a flat ridge extending a little bit above his head like a crown or a tribal head-dress. It was also white, but with red in it, too. He hung around again that night, but was much more pushy in making himself known to me. Reba and I were very wary of going to bed, but we eventually passed out of exhaustion.

The next morning is where things become a bit hazy. I remember waking up and telling her what he had been up to while she was asleep and before I drifted off, playing with the paper lanterns hanging from her ceiling. She remarked that that was creepy and told me she had something to show me.

It was a picture on her phone. In the picture, I was asleep. And in my hair was that spindly white hand, almost as if he was caressing me in my sleep. Needless to say, I was more than worried. My lack of sleep, though, prevented me from staying up and worrying about it too much more. I fell asleep again. I dreamed of something stupid. What I thought woke me up was that white demon, for lack of a better word. My dream changed abruptly so that I was in bed again and Reba was off getting ready to babysit for her neighbor.

He stood at the foot of the bed and leaned down and forward. I twisted onto my side when I felt like I was awake and he was standing there with me. Before I could do anything else, he placed both hands on my hips and vaulted himself up and onto the bed. He leaned down low over me, smirked, and opened his mouth to say something. That was when I was awakened again, this time by Reba. She told me she was worried for me and she made me get up and come with her to babysit. So I got up.

That evening, we were alone in the house. The bedroom was making us worry, so we went into the living room. We found that each of us had been seeing a different being. There were two of them. Reba's was much like mine, but black instead of white and with fur around his ankles. Mine stood at the back door and hers stood at the front door and each of them looked in on us expressionlessly.

Quickly, we moved into her bedroom again. She got onto her computer to distract herself. I just turned on my music and laid there on my side in the bed. After a while, I was growing upset over something we had almost fought about earlier in the day. So I asked that she put the computer aside and talk to me for a minute.

It was then that things started changing. People say that when a spirit comes around, it gets cold and you get goose bumps or whatever. My experience, though, wasn't a change in temperature. The entire room became like a void. It was like being suspended in a vacuum in which no emotion and no tactile sense had ever existed or ever would exist and you would be deprived of it for the rest of your existence.

I felt myself slowly stopping breathing. My voice trailed off in a small gasp after I lost the ability to talk, and for a few seconds I felt as if maybe I was dying. It was a thought that crossed my mind. Soon, though, my lungs won out. It was when he spoke.

I had a ten minute or so conversation with this white demon through the body of my best friend. Basically, he told me that they wanted to consume us. He told me, in a nutshell, that they were brothers, and when they met Reba and me in our first life, we had been sisters. According to him, the four of us had been locked in an eternal standoff in which they tried to consume our souls until our lives ended. They never fully succeeded, although he did hint that one of them normally won out. One of us gave in to them and the other died shortly after without surrendering, so there was nothing they could do.

Seeing as he spewed accusations of my arrogance and defiance earlier in our conversation, I can only assume I'm the pigheaded one who never gives in and causes the reincarnation. We recycle into another life and they hunt us down again and everything starts back up again. He told me that he couldn't keep Reba, no matter how much he wanted to because he wasn't strong enough to hold a body. Yet. So after making me beg for her back, he had his brother release her and she snapped back to attention to see me in a totally different position than I had been.

As soon as I knew she was back, I burst into sobs. My body was wracked with coughs after that. It took days for me to be able to speak again. I didn't actually stop shivering for well over eight hours, and then it was only to sleep for a few hours and wake up shivering again.

I missed work in the days immediately after that. I suffered a bit of a breakdown after that night, but now I'm back to what I like to call normal. After losing contact with Reba, I'm very worried about what her demon might be doing to her. Mine still hangs around in the background of my life. Night before last, he was at the foot of my bed again, this time playing with my curtains. If anyone has anything to suggest, and if this gets published, I'll be looking for comments. I'd like to know if anyone else has been told anything like this by something non-human.

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