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Mystery of Reincarnation

A balanced consideration of reincarnation

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Mystery of Reincarnation

Mystery of Reincarnation: The Evidence & Analysis of Rebirth by J. Allan Danelek

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Have you lived before? After this life, will you live again? Would you want to? Do you think it would be something you would choose? The idea of reincarnation is one of the most fascinating, tantalizing mysteries of existence - whether it's real or not. And author J. Allan Danelek presents a compelling case for the reality of rebirth in the most well-thought-out book on the subject I've ever come across.

The Evidence

Of course Danelek lays out some of the best evidence out there. He reviews such case studies as Bridey Murphy; the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson, who worked extensively with the past-life recollections of children; and physical evidence, such as birthmarks and scars on people who recall injuries in those spots from previous lives. He also examines possible evidence that may explain some psychological and sociological traits, such as phobias, compulsions and obsessions, even multiple personality disorder.

The Skeptics

Danelek doesn't just stop with the evidence. Point by point, he closely and fairly examines the objections and possible explanations that scientific skeptics often raise, and then gives logical ways in which the theory of reincarnation can survive those objections. He does the same with ethical and religious objections to the idea.

How it works

The second half of the book is what sets it apart. In a very intelligent and thoughtful way, Danelek offers ideas on how reincarnation might actually work – its mechanics. To his credit, he doesn't insist that his ideas are absolutely correct; they are just theories and they may not be perfect (it may be a complicated process, after all, and we have an extremely limited view of how things might work on the "other side"), but they're logical and interesting. This includes why we reincarate, how souls interact, and how we might very likely have a choice of how, when and how often we are reborn.

Thumbs up

There's a great deal of food for thought in this book. It makes a compelling case for rebirth. And if we take it seriously, it can profoundly affect how we live this life.

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