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Miraculous Phone Repair



I live in Queens, New York. I just turned 21 years old and got a new car for my birthday, so I thought it would be fun to take a road trip around the country with my father for spring break. We decided our first stop would be Atlantic City, New Jersey.

We arrived there at around 2 a.m. I parked my car and we headed to a different casino and took the boardwalk, which was almost completely empty, most likely due to the fact it was very cold and not to mention late. We walked some distance before we realized it was too far away and too cold to keep walking on foot to the casino, but just as far to walk back to the car, so we decided to catch a cab. The only problem was there were none in sight.

We kept on walking until we spotted one about half a block away we both sprinted toward the cab when my phone fell out of my pocket onto the concrete. I heard the glass shatter when it hit the sidewalk. My father picked it up as I kept dashing toward the cab. While we were in the cab, we took a look at the phone, which was completely broken. The edges where scratched, the glass was cracked on both sides, it didn't even turn on.

I put the demolished phone in my pocket. When we arrived at the casino, I decided to take another look at the damage. I was shocked to find it in the same condition as when I bought it. There were no longer any scratches, cracks or dents. It functioned perfectly and was in perfect condition all over again.

As far as I know, phones don't have the ability to repair themselves in a matter of minutes. I still refused to believe it. I kept checking to see if it was my phone, and it had all my data on it. We were both amazed by this. For days I couldn't think of an explanation except that it was a paranormal occurrence. I don't know who or what fixed my phone. I'm just happy and thankful that it did.

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