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Remote Viewing

History, methods and techniques for this scientific, controlled form of ESP originally developed by the government.

Results of Remote Viewing Experiment #5
Some surprising results to our 5th experiment.

All About Remote Viewing
Here's what you need to know about this scientific method of telepathy and seeing things beyond time and space

How To Experiment with Remote Viewing
How To Experiment with Remote Viewing - a step-by-step experiment you can try with friends to explore this fascinating realm of the psychic mind.

Results of remote viewing experiments
Results of past remote viewing experiments from Paranormal Phenomena

Academy of Remote Viewing
This site says it reveals sensitive information about intelligence-gathering RV techniques that had remained jealously guarded by some governments.

Army Manual
This is the original controlled RV manual from U.S. Army Intelligence, written back in 1986.

Controlled Remote Viewing in Iraq
Considering the difficulty the U.S. is having now, it may have been a mistake to leave that secret weapon behind.

The Farsight Institute
This site has lots of information and resources, including the results of a public demonstration.

Firedocs Remote Viewing Collection
A terrific resource of RV information, including articles, manuals, interviews, transcripts and much more.

How Did Remote Viewing Begin?
Though remote viewing traces its roots years into the past, its immediate history dates from a number of pioneering experiments performed under psychical researcher Ingo Swann.

How Remote Viewing Works
Technical remote viewing is a highly structured and standardized technique that allows you to consistently obtain accurate information, on demand, using a rigorously applied set of protocols.

PSI Tech
Home to the breakthrough skill of Technical Remote Viewing with which, they say, an individual can gather information about any person, place, or thing, anywhere in time or space.

Psychic Spies
Whatever happened to America's remote viewers? To understand what has happened to remote viewing since the death of the programme, it helps to understand why the programme was killed.

The Quantum Physics of Remote Viewing
According to quantum physics, the thought of the observer has an influence upon the result of an experiment. So to achieve scientific success with remote viewing, we need experimenters who believe in it.

The Real Secrets of Remote Viewing
Here is the first public disclosure, this site says, as to how and why remote viewing operates. Something to do with the "universal mind."

Speed of Thought: Space-Time Metric to Describe Psychic Phenomena
The authors of this paper, seasoned researchers in remote viewing, present a model of space-time that could link major elements of parapsychology with modern physics.

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