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Reverse Speech

How and why it works, plus lots of revealing sound examples from celebrities and politicians. Downright eerie!

Clinton Sex Scandal Reversals

Dozens of speech reversals from President Clinton, perhaps revealing his true feelings about the Oval Office scandals.

Current Events and Reversals

This page presents reverse speech from people currently in the news.

Demon-Haunted Sentence

Skeptical Inquirer offers a "skeptical analysis of reverse speech" saying that "accepting this pseudoscience could prove tragic."

The Hidden Message

Speech reversals about UFO sightings and encounters. With transcripts and sound files in RealAudio format.

JonBenet Ramsey

Here are some reversals from an interview with John and Patsy Ramsey, JonBenet's parents.

O.J. Simpson Reversals

Reverse speech taken from an interview with O.J. just two days after the murders took place. Is O.J. confessing... backwards?

Reverse Speech

This is THE reverse speech Web site. Includes lots of examples in .wav, RealAudio, and downloadable file formats.

Sonny Bono Funeral Reversals

Hear what Cher and Newt Gingrich said in reverse at Sonny's funeral service.


Are you ready to experience more happiness and success? Inner Voice Analysis says that reverse speech can be a a direct path to resolving conflicts that inhibit us from expressing our full potential.
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