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Sea, Lake Monsters

Legends, sightings and encounters with sea and lake serpents around the world.
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  2. Loch Ness Monster (9)

The Beast of Tolaga
The Beast of Tolaga - Your True Tales - January 2013

The Hunt for Lake Monsters
Deep, dark lakes all over the world are homes to what may eyewitnesses report as plesiosaur-like creatures. Are we finally closing in on them?

Bownessie Lake Windermere's New Species
A photographer's examination of photos of an unknown Nessie-like creature in Lake Windermere in the U.K. One measurement pegs it at about 70 feet long!

The Cadborosaurus Watch
The waters off the Pacific Northwest coast of North America is said to be the home of a seafaring cousin of the Lock Ness Monster: Cadborosaurus.

Search for the cadborosaurus willsi. Since 1933, sightings of this large serpentine marine animal have been reported off the waters of Vancouver Island. This site gives you all the details.

The Creature of Lake Memphremagog
Inland sea serpents are not unknown of in Canada. The story of the Memphe resembles very closely that of Ogopogo in central British Columbia.

The Dragon in the Loch
How could similar creatures exist in a great many lakes not connected to one another and only remotely connected to the sea, often via narrow and shallow rivers?

Flathead Monster
The MonsterWatch Project is dedicated to the Flathead Monster, Montana's very own version of the Loch Ness Monster.

Gryttie Homepage
A site about the monster inhabiting lake Gryttjen in Sweden and the ongoing investigation to find it.

Historical Note: I Saw a Sea Monster
From a June 1934 issue of Esquire magazine, Ralph Bandini relates his encounter with a sea monster: The San Clemente Monster.

The Importance of Being an Erne Peist
Does Ireland have its own Loch Ness-type monster? Look at this questionable photo and decide for yourself.

In Search of Norway's Nessie
Norway still produces plenty of lake monster sightings. Fortean Times spoke to the townsfolk of Rømskog about their very own "Rømmie".

Lake Van Monster
This news report, from CNN Interactive, includes photos and a QuickTime movie of the creature spotted in Van, Eastern Turkey.

Monsters of the Lakes
Considers the many reports of lake monsters around the world and speculates on their reality. Is it likely that such creatures can actually inhabit these waters?

The Muckross Monster
Lough Ree may have been the first lake in Ireland to claim it’s own prehistoric monster like that of Loch Ness in Scotland. Recent scientific evidence indicates that very large and mysterious "thing" lurks beneath the tranquil surface of Muckross lake.

Sea Serpents and Lake Monsters
A whole slew of weird creatures, from Manipogo in Canada to Trunko in South Africa to some very odd unidentified carcasses.

The Stronsay Beast
Although stories of sea serpents abound in Orkney, Scotland, there have been a number of documented creature "sightings" that have entered the lore of the islands. Perhaps the most famous took place in Stronsay.

Tahoe Tessie
Each season, about half a dozen people near Lake Tahoe report seeing something large, dark and sinuous swimming in the lake, briefly showing itself, then disappearing.

Unpublished Stories of Ogopogo
A very detailed history of sightings of the Ogopogo monster in Okanagan Lake in British Columbia. No photos though.

Viking Serpents
Sweden has its fair share of weird folkloric fauna. Here's a look at the mystery dragons of Sweden, from Norse sagas to modern sightings.

When Lake Monsters Attack
The darker side of aquatic enigmas. Haunted lakes are not always safe, and some reports suggest they may be dangerous. The article looks at Lake Erie, Lau And The Lukwata in Africa, Dobhar-Chu in Ireland, and more.

LBJ Lake Monster Sighting
Your True Story of LBJ Lake Monster Sighting - January 2011

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