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Shadow Man, Shooting Stars and Missing Time


Shadow man on the road

Shadow man encounter

Stephen Wagner

In South Australia, Chris R. experiences a perplexing mixture of strange phenomena, which begins with an encounter with a shadow man

Some of the most perplexing and fascinating accounts of paranormal phenomena fall under the category of high strangeness - events so odd and mysterious that they cannot be placed neatly in the files we label "ghosts" or "UFOs". Very often, these instances of high strangeness include a combination of seemingly unrelated phenomena. Do shadow people have anything to do with UFOs or aerial phenomena? Can they cause missing time? These are the puzzles Chris R. is wrestling with after a series of strange experiences in South Australia. This is Chris's story....

THE FOLLOWING EVENTS are true, but are a small piece of an overwhelming paranormal puzzle that seems to control my life. These events took place during April and May, 2010.


April 16, 2010 - Valley View, South Australia, Australia

I was driving home from work on this evening. The time was approximately 16:40 (4:40 p.m.). I took my usual backstreet route home, which would take me only five minutes on a day with bad traffic. Turning from the backstreet onto a main road, I noticed a large buildup of traffic, more than what would usually be expected, even in peak-hour traffic. Curious, I detoured from my path, to take a closer look.

There was a dark figure slowly walking through the traffic, and it seemed everyone was slowing down, trying to get a better look. I've encountered shadow people before, but never like this. This one was not avoiding people's gazes like they usually do. This one clearly wanted to be seen.

A workmate of mine was also travelling through the same traffic jam, and I talked to him about it at work the next day. In the end, we decided that he would report the occurrence, and I wouldn't bother, as it didn't worry me.

About a week later, I tried talking to him again about the event, but he seemed distant and distracted about something. He resigned from his job within the week, and I never had a chance to talk to him about it again.


April 27, 2010 - Holden Hill, South Australia, Australia

My (at the time) girlfriend and I were going for a late night drive, just for the sake of it, when, for lack of a better phrase, nature called. We pulled in at a public rest room and she decided to stay in the car.

Upon arrival back to my vehicle, I found my girlfriend cowering in the passenger seat, shivering violently, and completely pale white. Jokingly, I believe I said something corny along the lines of, "You look like you've seen a ghost."

Her response was just to point. Following her indication, I looked out over the dashboard to see the night sky acting strangely. Stars were moving and falling, as if we were smack bang in the middle of a meteor shower.

I reached for my mobile phone and recorded the event for the next minute or two, when suddenly all the electronics in my car started acting strangely. Lights were flicking, my iPod's music was cutting out, my TomTom GPS system turned itself off. Needless to say, this was enough to freak her out beyond measure, and I quickly drove us away from the area.

Checking my phone's video recording the next day, I could hear us panicking, but only see a clear night sky. Doing research later, I found there was no unusual astral activity in our area that night.

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