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Smoke Monster



This happened to me just the other night and I don't know quite what to make of it. My family and I just moved into our little house about a month ago. We're downsizing because of the economy. As far as I know, the last resident was an elderly woman who died of natural causes in the living room.

The living room still has most of our storage in it and no furniture. We never go in there unless we need something. So on this particular night, I was the only one awake, watching TV in the kitchen. I was eating ice cream at the table when I heard a jingling sound, like keys or dog tags on a dog's collar. We don't have a dog.

Alerted, I held my breath and listened. About ten minutes went by when I heard the jingling again. At this moment, I realized the sounds were coming from our storage room (the living room.) I strained my ears again and suddenly heard a tapping sound behind me.

I whirled around to see just the blank wall and nothing there. Slightly afraid, I hunkered down in my seat and listened intently. The jingling sound happened one more time, very close to me, and that's when a white smoky figure manifested right before my very eyes!

It darted from the floor to the ceiling and then from right to left before it dissipated into thin air!

I know it wasn't smoke; there wasn't anything burning and it wasn't steam. It still gives me the chills to think about and believe me, its enitely true!

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