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The Watcher



I am a bit of a paranoid person. I'm a teenager in eastern U.S.A., and I believe I see shadow people. I can't recall my earliest encounter, but I have noticed an increase in visits within the past year.

At first I doubted myself or blamed it on an overactive imagination. I watch a lot of sci-fi, and joked with myself on the possibilities of it being any of multiple fictional aliens. All I know, is I am visited usually three times a week, often more.

Just today I think I've seen him twice. I say "him" because that's just the vibes I get. I feel like it is male, middle-aged by our standards. All I ever see is a black, human-like form, usually ducking behind or around someone or something, and only out of the corner of my eye or in the side of my vision for a second or less.

I don't know if it is the same being or different ones, but I feel like he's the same one, always there, always watching me. I haven't asked, but I don't believe anyone else sees him. I never really could decide what to call him. He was just my shadow.

I remember seeing a documentary a few years ago on the mysteries of shadow people, and decided to research on it a little. Many accounts say they sense malevolent feelings. I do not. I sense only curiosity of a sort, and maybe even a little compassion. I firmly believe my shadow man is simply a watcher.

I also have never seen the alleged "red eyes." Perhaps those are only characteristic of the malevolent beings. I feel no fear when I see him, although I admit it used to terrify me. It gradually slipped into acceptance, and now I feel a bit of comfort when I see him. It's someone I can count on to always be there, no matter what is going on in my life. I have never received any form of communication, but I have reached out to him.

A few weeks ago, walking to my school bus stop, I saw him dart from behind one neighbor's house to another. I walk to the bus at 6:15 in the morning, so it's usually dark, and there is never anyone around. I turned my head to where he was, and on impulse, said, "Hello again." I did not expect a response, and did not get one.

I have come to think of this strange shadow as my friend, and I wouldn't wish for him to leave for any reason.

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