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Nine-Foot Entity



My parent's house, located near the Poconos in Pennsylvania, has always been, how we say, "off." Once you walks through that front door, a strange vibe travels along your skin and grips your heart.

Ever since I had to move back in with them after my divorce, things have been getting out of control. Weird noises erupt from the woods outside: chilling squeals and howls that sound like no animal I know of; a strange, throbbing noise that reminds me of a car alarm, but the woods are many acres with no trails for any kind of vehicle to pass through.

But sounds can normally be explained away. Seeing things with your own eyes, however, is something different. It all started one day when I was in my room and I heard a tremendous crash in another part of the upstairs. My dad hollered up, "What was that?" I called out that I didn't know and we both rushed to where we heard the noise, which we found came from the bathroom. A basket full of seashells that were high up on a shelf, had somehow tipped over and crashed to the floor, sending seashells scattering in every direction. Nobody was nearby when they fell. Both my parents had been downstairs and I was in my bedroom. The window was closed; there was no wind. How a heavy basket full of shells on a high shelf out of reach, tipped by itself remains a mystery.

Then one morning I found myself alone. I was emptying the dishwasher and watching TV, which is located in the family room. Our Kitchen is connected to the family room with no wall between. As I was putting a glass away, I turned back to the TV and noticed that I couldn't see the screen.

At first, my brain couldn't register why, and then I realized I was looking at a nine-foot-tall (that's about how high the ceiling is) apparition of a brownish-colored beast of some sort that quickly vanished. The beast had big, thick arms that were drawn up against its chest, and its face resembled that of a human and ape combined, but I knew it wasn't human at all.

I was terrified! I ran from the house and drove to my friend's house, where I stayed until my parents got home. I haven't seen the creature since, but I've been having trouble going to sleep at night for fear of seeing it in the dark in my room or something.

Last night, I was once again having trouble falling asleep. I finally dozed off and was half-asleep when I realized there was someone leaning up against me. Their arms were over the blanket, wrapped around my torso and their legs were curved against mine, slightly bent at the knees. For a brief moment, I assumed it was my husband, but the more awake I became, the more terrified I became as I quickly realized it couldn't be my husband.

I must have laid there for 20 minutes, paralyzed by fear. Finally, I courageously forced myself to turn over and found nobody there! Yet that side of the bed was freezing cold, as if a bag of ice was lying right there. I am so scared of the house now and at this point, I refuse to be in it alone.

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