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Super-Fast Entity



I was visiting my cousins in Tularosa, New Mexico on the Fourth of July, 1999. My cousins (Manny and Liz) and I went with a friend of my aunt to see the fireworks display in Alamogordo. When we got back home, which was a farm with horses and bulls and a trailor home.

We stepped inside the house and I locked the door. As soon as I locked the door, I saw a man standing there, just staring at the door. He was about 10 feet away and was wearing all black, even a black leather jacket.

I made eye contact with it and got scared. I screamed at my cousins, "There's a man outside!" As I finished saying that, in less than a second the man dissapeared and appeared in front of the door and started hitting it.

Then the man disappeared from the view of the window door. Next we heard footstep on the roof! I told my cousin, crying, "Call your mom, Manny!" But the phone wouldn't work. The footsteps stopped and then banging on the outside of the walls of the trailor home began.

By then, all three of us were crying in fear. All of a sudden, the man spoke: "Come out. I'm hungry." We started praying, and in about a minute of all three of us praying we heard it speak again: "Forget you. Then I'll come back another night."

As I heard that, I took peek out the window and saw the man vanish in the blink of an eye, as if he ran super speed. After that incident, my aunt moved out and I never went back to visit them. I don't know what that man we all three saw was, but he possessed a supernatural speed.

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