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Thick Shadow Demon



I had a very rough childhood. Both parents were abusive. I had no close family, no friends, and was bullied at school every day. As a natural response, I became very depressed starting in third grade and eventually suicidal. Up until fifth grade, I was agnostic. I don't readily believe in the supernatural. I grew up with a religious mother, but it wasn't until I did some serious soul searching and experienced what I believe was God that I started to believe.

Still, afterward my outlook on life was bleak and I didn't feel God was doing much to improve my quality of life at the time. I wanted a quick fix and escape from my problems, and that's where I became obsessed with studying, well, a five-letter belief system.

Finally, I thought. Something that will help me have control over my life! Or so I thought. I didn't really know too many people who practiced it, and the one person who did was so hush-hush about it and wouldn't tell me much. So I would read any book on the subject I could get my hands on, scoured the Internet for information, and even tried to do a few of these "prayers," although I didn't really believe in these multiple entities.

This went on for nearly a year. I would notice as each month passed that I became more obsessed with the occult that I and my environment began to change. The bedroom I practically lived in and studied in began to get increasingly unnaturally cold and dark, even in the summer. I began to feel strange, seperate from my feelings of depression. I began to feel emotionally numb and indifferent almost all the time, angry if any emotion, and felt so especially in my bedroom.

About a month before I swear I saw a demon, I began to notice a strange, black, circular shadow that would appear in a corner of the ceiling of my bedroom. I paid it no mind and went to sleep. I figured it was just the moonlight casting a shadow of something in my room. I'd see this every night.

It seemed to get a bit bigger. Confused, I moved some things around in my room, figuring again something in there was casting a shadow, to no avail. The shadow stayed the same, and although I was a bit disturbed by it, I figured there was a scientific reason for it -- something outside was casting the shadow -- and I would go to sleep like normal.

Then, one night as I turned out the light and went to bed as usually, I noticed the shadow seemed bigger than normal. I repeat, this was a very strange shadow. It seemed to be "thicker" than a normal shadow, almost like a puddle of black coffee.

As I lay there, trying to fall asleep, but feeling very uncomfortable for some reason, I began to notice that with each opening and closing of my eyes, the shadow would loom larger and appear to be seeping toward me. I was frightened, of course, yet intrigued. It seemed the longer I kept my eyes closed, the quicker it would move toward me, but it would always stop right where it was when ever I opened my eyes.

At one point, the thing was at the foot of my bed. I opened my eyes to look at it, expecting it to pause there. At this point, I was becoming increasingly frightened. Instead of pausing, it began to "pour" toward me, and I felt the most unnatural empty, cold, hungry, evil I've ever felt in my life come from it.

It was then and there I knew for sure in my heart it was a demon, and I knew that it had relation to the junk I was studying. I pulled the blanket over my head, switched on the Christian music station, and prayed like crazy. I decided right then and there I would never inquire about this false religion again and things went back to normal and never had that happen again.

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