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The Looming Shadow



This actually happened to my mother in 2011. Let me just say that my mother is a very honest person and despises lying, so I trust her 100 percent. This took place in my family home where my mother still resides. In earlier years when I also lived there, I always felt that there was "an atmosphere" about the place.

Anyway, on with the story of what occurred early one morning with my Mom. She is a bit of a night-owl and regularly stays awake until the early hours watching TV or reading. It was nearing 4 a.m. and she decided that she ought to get some sleep. She turned off her television and her lamp and then proceeded to get comfy, turning onto her right side facing the wall, which her bed is up against.

It was winter time, so it was still pitch black in her room. Suddenly, she felt as though "someone" was leaning against her back. She turned her head in shock to see a figure looming over her. She described it as totally black, even darker than the room itself, a very rounded head and shoulders, no features and no arms could be seen.

Terrified, she jerked herself backward in an effort to shove this thing off her. She then felt the pressure leave her back and when she braved herself to look behind her. The figure had gone.

This really frightened my poor Mom, and for the following few weeks she slept with her bedside lamp on. I was really concerned for her, as I know just how long it takes my mother to fall asleep, so I totally believe her when she swears she was not dreaming as she had only just lay down.

I'd heard on numerous occasions about smudging with sage to cleanse a house, so this is what I did, praying as I did so. Mom said that nothing has occurred since.

Prior to all this happening, my mother said that she always felt like something was in the room watching her, but never said anything to anyone as she worried we would think she was losing it. My nephew, her grandson, has also said that he always felt "something there" when he visited my Mom.

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