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Shadow Man in Trenchcoat



It was 1997 in South Eastern Missouri. I was about 7 or 8 years old. Up until then, I lived with my mom and my younger brothers. My mom, who was mentaly ill, finaly gave cutstody of the three of us up to my dad. We where living with him and his girlfriend's two younger kids. They rented it.

The house was kinda older, but probably from the 1970s, I guess. The living room and dining room where seprated by a huge arch. Going to the right of the arch was the hallway to the bathroom and one of the bedrooms.

I was up late at night watching a movie. I remember looking over to the archway and seeing a shadow figure standing there. It looked kinda solid, like how a person should, but it looked like an outline. It was peeking around a corner of the archway on the side near the hallway.

It looked to be dressed or outlined in a trenchcoat and top hat, like from the Dick Tracy movie. I was more shocked than anything else. I only saw it for a minute, but it felt like a lifetime.

I turned back to my movie and wouldn't even look there for a few minutes. Of course, I did eventualy look back and it was gone.

I have told that story a few times and every time it is the same. It gets me emotional. Not sad or scared, just full of annoying, hard-to-explain, pure emotion that brings tears to my eyes. I know for sure that I saw it. Interestingly, it caused me to look and to continue to look at the world in a different way. I'm glad I saw it, but would have liked to know more.

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