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Black-Cloaked Entity in the Closet



When I was about 6 or 7 years old, this was sometime during the winter of around 2002-3, I was living in a home in Cranbrook, B.C., Canada. I had a frightening experience that I would never forget.

I went to sleep like any ordinary night. The sky was pitch black like any other ordinary night, but I awoke suddenly without knowing what was going on... I just suddenly became conscious. Then immediately after I witnessed a cloaked black figure glide through my closed door.

On this figure it was wearing a black cloak as dark as the sky, I couldn't see any sign of a body, but it appeared like it was floating above the ground. The figure didn't say anything as it stood there. I was paralyzed in fear. Then it raised its arm, and all I could see was the sleeve of its cloak raise, and it dropped something. I'm not sure what it was because it was dark, but it appeared to be a sphere of some sort that was about the size of a baseball.

Then there was a bright flash and the figure was gone. Immediately, the night sky lit up, but no light shone in my room. Then what felt like an eternity there were these huge circular white flashes that kept going off in the sky until I passed out.

But the night didn't end there. I had the most horrifying dream a child could have. I was hanging over top of a stove by my neck next to an old man who was also hanging by his neck. He had dirty gray hair with a dirty gray beard. But the most shocking thing about this dream is that his limbs where ripped off. Where his arms and legs were was nothing but bloody stubs. After this incident I never saw a figure like that again.

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