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Staring Shadow Man



This is my recollection of a paranormal experience I had in March, 1992 when I was 11. I have lived in Blackpool, England all my life, and up to that point had never experienced anything paranormal. The house where I was living at the time was a normal house, nothing of any interest, and our family had lived there for six years without anyone having any paranormal experiences (to my knowledge).

One night after I had fallen asleep, I awoke suddenly. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until I rolled my head to the right -- and what I saw chilled me to the bone! Silhouetted against the light coming through the curtains was the figure of a person, I'd say a man, just standing there looking at me.

I couldn't see any features whatsoever. He was totally black, as if the figure absorbed light, but I had the feeling he was staring right at me! He was no more than a foot away from the right side of my bed, and it seemed as though he loomed over me.

I knew I wasn't dreaming because a car came down the street and the headlights lit up the room, except for the figure, which remained completely black! As soon as I saw the figure, I was overcome with a compulsion to reach out and touch it. A compulsion I managed to overcome, however.

I remember feeling scared, but I never called out or tried to get away. I just closed my eyes tight and tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't resist the urge to peek now and again, and every time I did, it was still there.

I must have drifted off eventually and awoke just after it had begun to get light, and the figure was gone. I never told my parents or my sister, but I did tell my brother, many years later, but he seemed very dismissive of the experience. I never had an experience like that again or since, and I cannot be sure of exactly what this figure was or where it came from.

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