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Shadow People Encounters - True Stories


Are these shadowy figures ghosts? Interdimensional beings? Time travelers? Something darker and more evil? Whatever they are, they seem to be sighted with increasing frequency. Here are true stories of sightings and encounters with these entities.

Battle with Something Dark

When Blair was 20 years old, something black came in to her room and moved all over her bed.

Black-Cloaked Entity in the Closet

In Cranbrook, B.C., Canada, Matthew witnessed a cloaked black figure glide through my closed door.

Black Hand

This reader heard a voice whisper her name, and her sister saw its black hand holding a door.

Black Mass at the Irish Abbey

At a 17th century abbey in Ireland, Von sees a huge shadow mass rushing toward him.

Brother's Ghost

"I saw movement at the foot of my bed. As I watched, the dark shape of something that looked like a human moved from the foot of my bed up to where my head was...."

Cemetery Shadow People

"I think it has something to do with living across from a cemetery and taking walks through it. I saw three times a tall dark shadow man...."

Childhood Shadow Fears

"My bedroom door would move on its own, and so would some of my books. Also, I would hear strange footsteps and voices calling my name...."

Church Shadow Man

Amanda and her brother were exploring an old church when they saw a shadow figure growing out of the floor.

Cloaked Figure During Astral Flight

"When I opened my eyes I could see a dark figure in the corner of my eye. It looked like a dark, cloaked figure...."

The Closet Entity

"From the moment I set foot in that house, I had the creepiest sensation that we were not wanted...."

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