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Spooklights and Ball Lightning

Articles about those mysterious lights: spooklights, otherwise known as ghost lights or earth lights, and the enigma of ball lightning.

The Mystery of Ball Lightning
Bizarre, personal encounters with the most puzzling of all weather phenomena.

Spooklights: Where to Find Them
Are they ghosts, UFOs or some unexplained natural phenomenon? Perhaps you'd like to go observe one and decide for yourself.

Encounters with Ball Lightning
True, personal encounters with the enigmatic phenomenon known as ball lighting, in which these strange globes of energy mystify, wander, even "attack"

Unexplained Green Light
Your True Tales of Unexplained Green Light

What's the difference between spooklights and orbs?
A reader asks about the difference between a spooklight and an orb.

South Louisiana Spook Light
Reader report: Robert Moorhouse relates his experience with the South Louisiana Spook Light

Mysterious Green Light?
Mysterious green light came in through the window.

Weird Nature Stories
True stories of experiences with weird nature.

The Mad Scientist and Ghost Light of Patrick Road
The Mad Scientist and Ghost Light of Patrick Road - November 2010

Enigmatic Lightning Strikes
Your True Tales of Enigmatic Lightning Strikes - February 2011

I See Orbs
I See Orbs - Your True Tales - April 2013

Your explanation for Strange Fliers
Readers are asked their opinion on the Strange Synchronous (Almost) Fliers video.

The Orb Likes Shakespeare
Your True Tales of The Orb Likes Shakespeare - April 2011

Strange Blue Light
Your True Tales of Strange Blue Light - April 2011

Pulsating Orb
Pulsating Orb - Your True Tales - August 2013

Bright Spirit Energy
Bright Spirit Energy - Your True Tales - September 2013

Oconto County Spooklight
Kelly McClure takes a video of a strange moving light in the woods of Oconto County, Wisconsin.

Pennsylvania Farm Spooklight
Your True Tales of Pennsylvania Farm Spooklight - December 2013

Mysterious Balls of Light and Time Weirdness
Mysterious Balls of Light and Time Weirdness really freaked this guy out by the Nisqually River bank

Mysterious Little Flashes of Light
Mysterious Little Flashes of Light: He thought they were a trick of the eye until he got verification

Strange Energy Phenomenon
Strange Energy Phenomenon: Lleone has a close encounter with ball lightning

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