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The history and true cases of stigmata, in which people experience the crucifixion wounds of Jesus.

Blood Brother
Perfect Christian or a psychopath possessed by the devil? Malcolm Day reviews the life of the recently canonized bleeding saint, padre Pio for Fortean Times.

Blood, Sweat & Tears
For nearly 20 years, a shy, middle-aged woman has had regular audiences with the Virgin Mary and changed her town’s fortunes. She's Argentina’s famous stigmatic. Plus profiles of stigmatics from Argentina, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Padre Pio and the Stigmata
Web page devoted to a priest who is said to have the hand wounds of Jesus' crucifixion; with photos.

Attempts to understand the phenomenon and those who suffered with it, including St. Francis of Assisi, Therese Neumann, St Mary Magdalen de Pazzi, Cloretta Robertson, and others.

The Stigmata
One of the most rare and disturbing religious paranormal phenomena is the stigmata, or the manifestation of the wounds of the passion of Christ on the body.

Stigmata List
Brief list of those who, through history, have been afflicted with the stigmata, beginning with Stephen Langton in 1222.

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