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Telekinesis - True Stories


Readers tell of their true experiences with telekinesis.

1. Channeling Dr. Phil

Kathryn changed the channels on her TV just by thinking about it.

2. Disappearing Cell Phone

"When I finished in the bathroom, I walked back into the bedroom, and right there, the FIRST place I set eyes on, was my phone -- in plain sight ON MY DRESSER...!

3. Illuminating Lamp of Energy

"At the beginning of the self-realization, the lamp on the corner of my bed stand to my right began to glow brighter...."

4. Magnetic Dad

"He told me that for some weird reason, every time he walks down a street -- doesn't matter, across or under -- the streetlights, they turn off!..."

5. Nail Polish Remover Telekinesis

"It wobbled as if someone had poked it, but not hard enough to knock over. It just wobbled back and forth...."

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