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Missing Time at Bedtime



Duplicate trivets

Duplicate trivets

Dale Hoover

I recently had a missing time experience. I live in Bradenton, Florida. On Monday, January 17, about 10:00 p.m., I was in my bathroom at my usual bedtime putting on my P.J. top.

The very next conscious moment I had was when waking from sleep just a couple hours later and realizing I did not have on my P.J. bottoms! I checked the bathroom and they were where they had been! I had a missing time episode! I realized I had no memory from the time I'd put on the P.J. top -- not of going to bed, getting in it, nor positioning myself in my favorite going-to-sleep position! I do not drink, take medication nor imbibe in "recreational" drugs or smokes. I am a youthful 64-year-old female in very good health.

Also, my husband and I recently had a nifty experience of rather peculiar manifesting. On Sunday January 16, 2011, I was in our kitchen at the sink and Steve (my hubby) was sitting in the adjoining family room, "minding his own business," when at the opposite end area of the counter from me, but nearest to the family room, a 5½" x 7½" plastic hot-pad-trivet fell from out of the air, noisily hitting a small table that's next to that end of the counter, bounced off it and landed on the family room carpet!

WE DID NOT OWN THIS! But it is an exact duplicate of one I'd bought about four months ago and use daily! I only needed one, so only bought one. Further, it was on sale and was the only one there to buy! I took a picture of this "replica" next to our owned one, in case it "dematerialized!" (See photo.)

Fun, fun, fun! Magic is back!

We've known for many years now there are "elementals" and so many other entities.

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