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Time Slip to the 1930s



My time slip experience took place in 1972 in New York. I was 18 and lived at my college dorm. It was July.

My cousin had recently died and I was feeling melancholy. I decided to go for a three-block walk to the stores. I know for sure it was 3 p.m. when I left.

As I crossed the street from my dorm and entered the first block, I noticed a deadening silence that got my attention. There was not a sound of life anywhere. That's when I noticed that the homes lining this residential street all were different: smaller and dated looking. (I'd guess around 1930s.) There were no cars anywhere and no driveways or garages, and everything seemed gray, without color. I noticed the trees were all bare, like in winter, yet this was summer. I spoke out loud saying, "Why is it so quiet?" And my voice seemed strange and tinny.

When I got to the main street with the stores, everything reverted back to normal, but upon returning home those three blocks took on the same strange qualities. Then I noticed that the entire side of the second block had a huge hill that wasn't there before, replacing all the houses.

As I exited the last block to go back to my dorm, everything was back to normal again -- Sound, movement, etc.

I was gone about 90 minutes, but when I looked at the clock as I entered my room it said 3:12 p.m., which was only 12 minutes from when I left! I checked another clock and it also showed 3:12.

The next day, I took this same walk, and to my amazement it happened again. But on the return from the stores, the hill had now disappeared and was replaced with the older-looking homes (like on the first trip).

After that day, the usual modern homes, sound, color, trees in full bloom were all back in place.

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