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Time Slip in Georgia



I used to make the same haul over and over from Savannah, Georgia to Attapulgus, Georgia and back with loads of clay in sea containers. It always took the same amount of time to come and go: five hours each way with an hour or two to load. I always left in the afternoon to get there at night and left around midnight.

One night I will never forget, I was weighing out on the truck scale when a big eight-point buck came running out of the woods and hit my truck's first set of drive tires and broke his neck, dying instantly.

The drive home seemed routine at first, then it got foggy. In Thomasville, the fog began to get really thick. I took Route 122 as usual to avoid traffic. Then it got sort of weird. The fog was crazy thick on each side, but I could see the road okay. Not great, but okay. I drove at 60 mph and did not see a cotton-picking thing the whole way.

The fog cleared past Ludowici and I looked at my watch. I was four hours early! I went a few miles off route to my house and went to sleep for three hours and was an hour early at the port. Crazy! Never happened again.

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