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Missing Time While Cycling



I was born in Sao Paulo and have been living in Wolfsburg, Germany for work since June, 2011. All my life I enjoyed cycling very much and it would not be different after I moved here. So, one of the first things I did when I got here was look and buy myself a brand new bicycle on which I have been riding in the whereabouts of the town three or four times every week. I can tell it is the best way to really discover all what the cities have to offer, and not to mention that there are hundreds of different trails in the woods leading you to the most amazing places in no reach by car.

It is now November, but the weather is giving us one last chance to still enjoy some warm afternoons, so last Sunday I took my bike and headed for the woods. I am a particularly self-controlled person who will always work out distances and time before setting off for cycling. Therefore, I initiated my stopwatch and checked the time at the start of my training. It was 1 p.m., and 5 minutes earlier I had sent my girlfriend a SMS (text message).

After cycling for about 25km through some open path ways, I stopped at some amazing eolic power generators spot to take some pictures. As I did so, I checked again my stopwatch and only one hour had elapsed. That was okay since I usually cycled in a moderate cadence. Then after taking a breath and being astounded by the beauty of the generators, what should have lasted less than 10 minutes, I kept on on my journey back, but through the north side of the city. I tried to make my way back through some green fields and trails I had never been before. All I was doing was follow the compass to make it through.

Although I was really alone and could see no one nearby, I started to get this feeling of being really distant and far from reach of everybody and every noise. For moments I felt as if the whole world was rid of all sounds and all life at all. That feeling didn't last long as I had to stop again a few minutes later to check the maps.

This whole thing happened while cycling 15km after the first stop, but what really astonished me was to see that two hours had gone between the first and second stops! Of course, I would have made it in a slower pace after the first stop because I didn't know the new paths. However, even one hour cycling would have been already more than enough to cover 15km, what to say of two hours?

I kind of went crazy staring at my watch. One whole hour of my day had vanished and I cannot tell how. So I headed home in a hurry, helplessly and thinking of what could have happened.

After getting home, I sent my girlfriend another SMS, and later on at night we talked on the phone (she was in Brazil). I told her what had happened in the woods that afternoon, but what really scared me alluded me the most, making me really nuts was hear that she'd received both of my messages (at start and end of the cycling) within a period of only two hours!

I have always been into sci-fi stuff, but I had never thought I would experience such a weird thing like that. It felt like being robbed, but what was stolen from me was one whole hour.

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