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Window to Another Dimension



Today is January 19, 2012. About two weeks ago, I was sleeping alone in my house in Marysville, Washington when I had what I described to my father as a waking nightmare. I am 38 and live alone, but my girlfriend occasionally stays over. She hates staying at my place because she and many others, my teenage children included, consider the house haunted. I do admit that strange things happen here occasionally, but that kind of thinking won't do when it comes to getting a full night sleep.

One morning I had a very vivid dream of an abandoned industrial area. At some point I realized that I was dreaming, so I decided to attempt to recognize the buildings. I was not able to, but the details are still crystal clear to me. If I stood in that spot I would know it instantly.

What happened next still gives my skin the crawls. I came awake to notice that I was lying in bed facing the window. The reflection was that of the open bathroom door. Just below the view coming slowly out of the bathroom was something like a broad row of waving tentacles, all connected to a larger object. They swayed in an unnatural way that stopped my breath.

I turned my eyes to look at the bathroom door, and by now was in full panic. My head and body were paralyzed. Only my eyes moved. There was nothing in the doorway. When I looked back at the window, it was closer to the bed, about five feet away from my right foot. Now I was fully hyperventilating. I looked again towards the door in such a panic that I felt my breath seizing.

It was then that I believe I truly woke up because the room brightened and the feeling of panic disappeared completely. In an absolute state of calm, I realized that I was lying in bed exactly as in the dream and that I was not even slightly excited, just a little groggy.

What happened next got me out of bed reaching for a pen and paper. I calmly noticed that there was a red spot in my view just above the bathroom door about the size of a family picture frame. When I turned to look at it, my skin "tightened". I have no other way to explain the feeling.

I was looking at what appeared to be a window into a room lit by red lights, and standing fully up against the glass was some kind of man, calmly working on something just below the glass on his side. I noticed at that time that the glass frame was not against the wall but about one foot away from it and angled down to face at me directly.

As I stared at him, he calmly looked up directly at me as if to notice that I could see him. His face was not lit up red like the background, but more of a light bluish pale from something directly in front of him. Calmly he reached out to something that was below the frame and the whole square of light simply faded away.

I've told several people about this, but no one has ever heard of the man in the frame or anything resembling it. I have not had any significant dreams since but do wake much more easily now when I hear anything in the house move.

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