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Haunted by Leapfrogging Cars



These two baffling incidences happened on the same road called Roherstown Road near Columbia, Pennsylvania. They happened in just the last two weeks (February, 2012), both between 7:30-8:00 a.m. on my way to work.

The first one happened as I was driving north on Roherstown and I distinctly remember seeing a green Gran Torino driving behind me in my rear view mirror. This I remember so vividly because my cousin is the only person around here to drive such a car, yet she recently sold it, so I was wondering if this was the one she sold.

I smiled at the thought and made a mental note to tell her about seeing it. The thought of her made me momentarily daydream about how much fun we had at the beach last summer when my attention suddenly snapped back to reality as I realized the Gran Torino was suddenly driving just ahead of me! I looked in my rear view and a white Impala was there instead.

I couldn't understand what happened. I know the Torino didn't pass me and there was nowhere else for it to turn off then suddenly pull in front of me without noticing it. As strange as the incident was, I simply shrugged it off... until it happened again a few days later.

Once again I was northbound on Roherstown Road, headed into work at around 7:30 a.m. I idly recognized a red Pontiac two cars back (the bright red color is what caught my eye first) and noticed it was tailgating the car in front of it. I was glad he wasn't directly behind me. (By the way, I drive an SUV, so I sit higher up and have a view over most compact cars nearby.)

There were several cars in front of me and I became alert when the road started to bend around a corner as the car in front of me momentarily disappeared, and when the road straightened and we were all in a line again, the red Pontiac was two cars ahead of me!

I glanced in my rear view and saw a couple of white and blue cars, but no blaringly red car. I was stunned! What on earth was going on here? The first time it happened, I let it go, assuming the Gran Torino passed me or something without my knowledge, but how did the red Pontiac pass both me and the car in front of me within a matter of milliseconds?

Even if the car somehow turned off somewhere, how could it turn back on without crashing into the oncoming traffic going around the bend? I tell you, neither of these cars passed me though... at least not in this realm! I have no explanation for the phenomenon. No further incidences have happened since but im keeping a lookout.

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