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MUFON Time Slip, Or Just New Jersey?



I have had more than one such happening. I wanted to see Bob Dean and hear his UFO talk at MUFON, Pennsylvania last October 16, 2011. When we got on I276 from I76, it lead us to US1, which we stayed on for several miles until we got to Four Points Sheraton. We knew where we had to be to see Bob Dean at 3 p.m. on Oct. 16, 2011.

We got something to eat, then asked a guy on the street for directions to downtown Philly. He told us three or four miles to I95 and go north, which we did, found visitor parking, parked, saw Liberty Bell, then took a one-hour bus tour of Philly, all the important sites.

We started back on I95 going south and had couple of hours to spare to get back to Four Points Sheraton.

I will stop there and point out that one of the main features of US1 was four lanes going one direction and four lanes going other direction, outside lane of two lanes being for through traffic, so if wanted to go other way had to use a cross over to inside lanes, make left, and then go other way on other four lanes.

Now continuing on I95 we got to the US1 exit coming back, and things were quite different. There were no eight lanes anywhere! We turned around and went the other way on US1 into New Jersey. The New Jersey scene was like from the 1950s or 1960s. We stopped on the side of road for directions. A man specifically told us what to do to get back on I95.

We got back on and tried again, exited on US 1, still no eight lanes, and the scene had changed again. We turned around, went other way on US1 and the scene really changed a lot in New Jersey. The 1950s or 1960s scene was completely gone and instead a split highway where the man who had stood in front of his house giving us directions for a street left to downtown and a bridge.

We got across, but Lois was very upset being on I295. Lois made me take a right turn and we were on a New Jersey 130 road. She made me stop for directions. A woman explained that I295 in New Jersey ran parallel to I95 in Pennsylvania with Delaware River in between them. She specifically gave me certain directions how to get back using 130, interrupting me two times: "This is how you do it to get back. Do not get back on I295. Stay on 130, go through a light, then another light, then past Rite Aid, stay right, and take immediate right to the New Jersey Turnpike, pay $2 onto Pennsylvania Turnpike..." which we did.

I saw the I276 exit for US1. Lois wanted me to try, but I had only few minutes left before the 3:00 hour, but I was not about to take US1 again. We went on home.

Lois will verify the first New Jersey scene as from the mid-last century and the fact that there was no Sheraton and no eight lanes setup on the Pennsylvania side in all this when we tried get back to see Bob Dean. That man and that woman I will have to describe as "monitors" from the peculiar way they acted. I am getting good at this "time travelling". Although there is only one US1 up there, there are several of them really -- in different times. I made no wrong turns.

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