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Office Survey Time Slip



On March 15, 2011 at 3:15 in afternoon, I got into my car to go to my old law office, where I and my late father, mother, brother, and others had our law practice. The building dates to pre-Civil War era. I went to check for damage, having read in the local paper about Mercer County, Kentucky residents upset with a local factory doing some blasting in the late fall of 2010 that caused damage to homes and buildings.

I went in the back door and up the side stairs straight to my mother's room, checking the waiting area on way. No damage. I then checked my old room. No new damage (there had been some wall damage two years previous). Then to my brother's old room. No damage.

Finally, I checked the library and there was much new damage: the ceiling had given way in one big place, wood was exposed, but there was no sign of water damage. I then went downstairs, checked the kitchen, another secretary's room, then my father's room -- all of which were okay.

When I went into the waiting room, there was much wall damage to the wall next to father's room: plaster down on the floor and under the heating unit, wood exposed, very heavy wall damage, but no sign of water.

I then went home and called a neighbor who does house repairs. We went to the law office and repeated a survey of all the rooms, in the same order as I had done before. When we got to the waiting room, I was shocked to see that there was no damage at all! How could that be? I just saw it!

Before my neighbor left, I told him I must have walked into the past, seeing wall damage as it existed circa 1969 when we had to clean it all up and redo all the walls. Remembering what I saw half century later was as it was a half century earlier: same old wallpapered walls that came down, exposing the wood behind, and cracked plaster down on floor everywhere.

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