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Time Slip at Bryn Bras



Back in August 2007 you published a true story of mine, "Time Slip on Holiday" about how in the summer of 2003 my husband and I experienced what appeared to be a slip in time during a caravan holiday.

Recently, I came across some old holiday snaps and decided to see if I could find out any info about the place (Brynteg in Wales). I learned that the castle itself (Bryn Bras) wasn't very old, built in 1795. But this fact about it intrigued me: "A building existed here many, many centuries ago and the old road passing near the castle existed in ancient times as a drovers trail through Llanberis Pass and beyond, even as far as England. It is an ancient landscape."

Because we walked under the castle archway just before the apparent timeslip, we always imagined that to be the connection, but it seems more likely the road was!

I remember so well how we thought the path was much, much further and much, much more hilly than it had been. I wonder now: Did we somehow pick up the emotions of those ancient peoples as they set off on that incredibly long journey centuries ago?

Incidentally, I am usually very relaxed on holiday, but strangely I did feel uneasy at night sometimes, although this could have been because of what happened.

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