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I had my own share of so-called paranormal experiences, but it was always no more than strange sounds or feeling someone's presence in old places they sometimes call haunted. I only had one experience when I've actually seen something, and I still don't understand what it was.

Back then I was living on the 8th floor of the 10-story apartment building that was facing a small park. One night I woke up with this strange feeling you get when someone is staring directly at you. I was facing the wall, so the whole bedroom was behind me. And I felt someone's presence just so clearly. Not that it was hostile, but I felt alarmed and immediately turned "to face the danger," so to speak.

What I saw there wasn't scary, just peculiar. In the middle of my bedroom was a rectangle of light a couple of feet large floating above the floor at about 10-15 inches. Floating is exactly what I mean, since it was "hanging" there vertically, not "laying" horizontally as when light is cast on a surface.

I still regret I didn't get up to see it closer or to touch it. Instead, I was thinking frantically that no street lamp can cast light in my bedroom since I was on the 8th floor. And no neighboring window could do that either, since my windows faced a park.

I was still feeling someone's presence, but it felt safe, even though still unexplained. And then my mind just went blank, as if something knocked me out. I woke up in the morning as usual. I remembered what happened vividly - the presence and the shining rectangle - but just couldn't explain what it was. Perhaps someone here had similar experience? If so, what could this possibly be?

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