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Time Rewind in the Attic



I purchased a very old homestead in Southern Michigan in 1981. The farm was a centennial farm in the year 1950, and the home and outbuildings were in rough condition from years of neglect. A log cabin allegedly occupied the site in the 1830s.

My father and I went into the home, gutted much of it, and remodeled. This farm was at one time very active, and provided for several families for well over 100 years. Babies were born in the home, and at least one elderly had passed inside its walls. At the time, I was a bachelor. My only companions were three collies. We lived simply.

Nevertheless, one early morning in March of 1995, I was awakened by a very loud sound. It was directly above me in the attic. A loud crash, sounding almost as if a large cabinet had fallen over. Worse, I could distinctly hear broken glass shattering.

My first impression was that it was a dream. But it wasn't a dream! My dogs were going crazy, staring up at the ceiling. This erased all doubts that this was not happening, but a real event. My blood ran cold when I remembered what was in the attic. Nothing! Just framing timber and insulation. There was nothing in that attic that could make that sound. The ceiling in the attic was cramped; an adult had to stoop to navigate it.

Several years later, an elderly woman visited. She was a stranger and had wanted to stop by this old farm for one last look. Her health was failing, and she told me she was one of several sisters who was born in the home. Her grandparents were early settlers. The home was originally a two-story farmhouse, and the upper level had caught on fire and was destroyed. It was never rebuilt. They just framed over what was left.

I will never forget the crash in the attic on that tranquil early March morning, and will always believe what we experienced was a paranormal experience. Some type of a time rewind. A sound of destruction in a house fire which occurred long ago.

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